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Additional Resources for Online Teaching

Icon of a Dumbell

Establish a strong presence

There are a few areas an instructor may want to address, in particular, preparing for presence, investing in training, setting up students for success, focusing on communication, monitoring effectiveness, and embracing feedback. Establish an early and consistent teaching presence: Send announcements, create instructional videos, and join in discussions.

Icon of a Stopwatch

Manage your time effectively

Create scheduled announcements, set up groups for assignments, check on hyperlinks, create a staggered plan for due dates, create a library of comments or feedback.

Icon of Two Speech Bubbles

Communicate clearly and effectively

Establish clear expectations (syllabus, rubrics, checkings, learning objectives, alignment), provide timely feedback, communicate changes in schedule, set some synchronous meeting times to clarify things, establish a course routine.

Icon of a Brain

Create opportunities for active learning

Make a connection between the classroom and the real world to motivate students.

Icon of a Magnifying Glass and a Book

Provide resources for students to succeed

Provide supporting tool (study guides, practice questions, notes summarizing common mistakes), connect students with academic and student support services, use course analytics tools, acclimate students to online learning (expectations, netiquette, chunking), acclimate students to online tools.

Icon of a Calendar

Stay current

Engage in professional development, seek high-quality course design designation.

Icon of Three People

Promote inclusivity

Establish inclusive instructor-student communications (personalized feedback in Speedgrader, surveys), build an inclusive classroom community, create a course that is inclusive to all learners (accessibility, captions, etc.).

Icon of a Person and a Gear

Be accessible

Office hours, reach out to students who are struggling, emails after graded work.

Icon of a Pen and Paper

Reflect on your teaching

Use data for continuous improvement, conduct mid-semester course surveys.