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Become a QM-Certified Peer Reviewer

There are two ways you can participate as a Quality Matters (QM) Certified Peer Reviewer.

  1. You can choose to be an internal reviewer, participating in course peer review teams only at UNF.
  2. You can aim to become a national reviewer, eligible to participate in both internal and official QM reviews.

All QM Peer Reviewers

To become a QM-Certified Peer Reviewer, you must:

  • Complete the TOL-DCD module (i.e., developed at least one course that passed a quality course review)
  • Complete the two-week online training course Applying the Quality Matters Rubric facilitated by QM. (CIRT will pay the course fee.)
  • Complete the three-week online training course Peer Reviewer Course facilitated by QM. (CIRT will pay the course fee.)

Note: Choose invoice as the form of payment at registration - they will bill us. Also, if you have already submitted courses for QM review, you should already have an account. In that case, just login into the QM site and register for the training courses.

Internal Reviewers

Once you've completed the training (listed above), you will be listed on UNF's QM-Certified Peer Reviewer, and whenever we have a course ready for review, we'll reach out to check your availability. You will receive a $500 stipend for every two internal reviews completed at UNF. As an internal peer reviewer, you must:

  • Review online courses using QM Standards and Rubric. The estimated time per review is 4-8 hours or less once you've conducted a few. You have 2-3 weeks to complete the review.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality about any courses you access during the review process, including any student information contained in these courses.
  • Not change, copy or modify any content within a course.
  • Observe copyright laws and respect the intellectual property rights of faculty.

National Reviewers

If you want to get involved with conducting external (national) QM reviews with teams at other institutions, you must also:

  • Have taught online within the last 18 months. If not, you must complete the Exemption section of the application documenting your qualifications for being a Peer Reviewer.
  • Submit the Memorandum of Understanding, and resubmit annually (by updating information in MyQM.)
  • Allow your name and institution affiliation to be listed on the national Quality Matters website.

Note: Quality Matters, not UNF, manages payment for participating in national reviews.

Benefits of participating as a peer reviewer

  • Gain experience in a quality assurance process.
  • Expand professional community.
  • Review other courses (internally and externally) and gain new ideas to improve your courses.
  • Enhance professional development plan and portfolio.
  • Receive a $500 stipend for every two internal reviews completed at UNF.
  • Receive additional payment from Quality Matters for being a member of national review teams.

Getting Started

Before you register for the first online training course, please contact Kevin Hulen ( to verify your eligibility and discuss the peer review process.