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How to Book Equipment

Welcome to CIRT's Equipment Booking and Check-out system. From this site, you can book equipment you would like to check-out from the CIRT Lab. You can also check to see what equipment is available, what equipment you have booked, and/or what you have already checked out under your name.


Similar to flights, reservations in the check-out system are referred to as bookings.


When making a booking, a Resource Type is the category of equipment (i.e.: camcorder) while a Resource Name refers to a specific singular piece of equipment or model of equipment (i.e.: GoPro Hero 3).

To Begin:

  1. Login with your UNFID and password.


  2. This will bring you to the portion of our check-out system called the Booking Wizard.


  3. If you would like a more detailed view of what we have available, please choose the 'Booking' tab up at the top once you login.

Booking Wizard

Making a Booking (Reservation)

  1. Click Box of the type of equipment you would like to book or search for it by typing in the type of equipment in the search box. E.G. 'laptop'

    rental equipment page


  2. Some types of equipment may have different models; for example, there are three different models of laptop available: Dell Latitudes, Apple Macbooks, and Microsoft Surfaces. Select the model of equipment you would like to book, the beginning date of reservation, and the duration of reservation.

    rental equipment types


  3. Click Search button to search for equipment that is available to book.

    rental equipment search button


  4. The items that are available for booking during the period you specified are listed.


  5. Click the Book Now button to choose the items you would like to reserve.

    showing the book now button


  6. Choose quantity of equipment item (if applicable).


  7. Click the 'Confirm' button to complete reservation.

    rental equipment page confirm button


  8. Your booking (Reservation) is saved into the system automatically and an e-mail is sent to your UNF email address.

    equipment reservation booking email example

The more detailed view is called Booking. Please read below for a short tutorial on how to use this part of our equipment system.

Booking Tab

Making a Booking (Reservation)

  1. Look up a Resource Name (this will automatically display a dropdown-- you can click on the match for your item) or simply choose a Resource Type from the drop-down

    Booking Wizard Screen example


  2. A menu will appear with a list of items in that Resource Type, each box represents one of that particular item


  3. Set the date range with the calendar, day slider, or use the right-hand menu to click on a start date and fill in the date range when prompted.


  4. You can add additional related items at this time by clicking the 'related Items' button and choosing which items to add to your check-out

    Booking Wizard Menu example


  5. The system will send an e-mail to your UNF email address with the details of your booking (reservation).


  6. Details for where to pick up your equipment will be displayed right after the booking (reservation) is made.