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Online Survey Tool Advisory Group

In March 2015, the Online Survey Tool Advisory Group was formed to gather input from the campus community regarding ongoing support and usage of the Qualtrics survey tool.


The purpose of the Online Survey Tool Advisory Group is to advise and provide recommendations on the implementation of the survey tool and the needs of its users, the University community, to the functional owner of the tool, the Center for Instruction and Research Technology.

This includes:

  • Policies and processes for the dissemination of surveys
  • The increase in awareness of the existence, use, and policies of the tool by the university community
  • The development of mechanisms for requesting features and changes
  • Investigation of a certification program for the survey tool
  • Best practices for survey construction and delivery
  • Workshops and support materials

The group is composed of members of the following units:

  • The functional owner, CIRT (Dave Wilson, Daniel Mainwarning)
  • Assessment (Amanda Kulp)
  • A&F/Communication and Training  (Alison Cruess)
  • Center for Community Based Learning (Justin Sipes)
  • Public Opinion Research Lab (Michael Binder, Andrew Hopkins)
  • Institutional Research (Preston Bennett)
  • IRB (Nicole Sayers)
  • ITS Integrated Systems Team (April Johnson)
  • SGA (Anthony Hall)
  • Faculty representatives (Elizabeth Brown, COAS; Andrew Thoeni, CCB) 

Meeting Minutes