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Getting Started with Canvas

Let’s get your course up and running in Canvas. Learn how to use fundamental tools and features to develop course essentials.

24/7 Canvas Support

Image of Help button in Canvas

Canvas offers 24/7 phone and chat support. Both instructors and students can access immediate assistance any time of day by clicking the Help button from the bottom of the Global Navigation bar in Canvas.

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Create Modules and Content Pages

Modules help to organize your course by topics or weeks, and you can create pages within these modules to deliver organized course content. Assignments can also be added to modules to create a systematic learning experience.

Modules Overview

Create a module to package content pages, assignments, and links for a particular course topic of week of learning. Collectively, your module series delivers a linear course sequence and an organized delivery of course content.

Pages Overview

You can create pages in Canvas to share course content such as reading materials, slide presentations, videos, and other resources.

Canvas Overview

Watch this video to see how easy it is to create modules and add content to your Canvas course.

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Upload and Manage Files

Files Overview

There are three different file areas in Canvas. We recommend working in course-specific Files areas, which is accessed from the Files button in the course navigation menu in each of your courses. The features and steps shown in the tutorial are applicable to all Files areas.

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Publish Your Course

Students can only access a course if it is published, so you’ll want to publish your course when you’re ready to go live.

How to Publish your Course in Canvas

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Quickstart Template

Instead of starting from scratch, you can import this Quickstart Template to begin your course development. The template includes general information to help orient your students with your Canvas course. It also features starter components (modules, pages, assignments) that can be customized to create a comprehensive online learning experience.

Follow the link above to preview the course template (you’ll be asked to enroll in the course). If you’d like to import the template into your Canvas course, contact CIRT Lab.

Course Homepage Customization

If you downloaded the Quickstart Template, the template home page is set as your front page. While this is the recommended home page, you can change your course home page.

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Rich Content Editor

Rich Content Editor

The Rich Content Editor (RCE) features text-formatting options that allow you to create content, embed media, and promote accessibility within your Canvas pages. This video shows you how to use the tools available in the RCE.

Text Guide

For additional tutorials on the RCE tools, visit the Canvas Guides.

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