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Academic Continuity

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Delivering Course Content

Canvas provides a variety of options to deliver lectures and provide alternative content. Create and share documents, record audio/video presentations, host virtual class sessions, and link to library resources to deliver course content to students remotely.

Canvas Studio

Managing Studio Media

In Canvas Studio, you have the option to record your computer screen (which can be displaying a PowerPoint, website, or other relevant course materials), your webcam, or both. You can also upload video files saved on your computer and YouTube videos that you want to share with your students. If you have narrated PowerPoints you would like to share with your students, you can convert them to video files which can then be uploaded to Canvas Studio.

Canvas Studio provides an automatic captioning service or you can request transcripts from CIRT using the Transcript Request Form.

Text Guides

Converting PowerPoint to Video (MP4) for Canvas Studio

Recording a Screen-capture Video in Studio

Adding Captions to Studio Media

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Conferences Overview

You can host synchronous video conferences within Canvas using the Conferences tool for your lectures or office hours. Conferences can be hosted with individual students, small groups, or your entire class. Students can also host Conferences for group meetings and video chat. Recorded conferences are available within Canvas for 14 days.

Text Guide

Using Conferences as a Presenter

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Library Resources

Before scanning an article or textbook reading, check the UNF Library to see if there is already an electronic version that can be shared with your students. Contact the library with additional questions on library resources.
Streaming Media
Find the best database for Streaming Media in your course.
Off Campus Login Guide
This Off Campus Login Guide is meant for faculty who are adding streaming media from library databases to Canvas.

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Narrated PowerPoints

Instructions for creating new narrated PowerPoint presentations, or converting PowerPoint presentations you have narrated are available on the Narrated Lectures webpage.

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Syllabus and Course Documents

You can share your Syllabus, PowerPoints, and other course documents with students by uploading them to the Files area in Canvas.

Scan Documents with Your Smartphone

If you do not already have an electronic version of the document, you can scan a hard copy of the document and save it as a PDF. If you do not have access to a traditional scanner, smartphone applications like TinyScanner (iOS, Android), the iPhone Notes app (iOS), Google Drive, and Office365 can perform the same function.

Text Guide

Uploading to Files

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Zoom is a video-conferencing tool integrated in Canvas that allows you to host video meetings with your class. Such meetings can be used for whole-group lecture and office hours. You can access Zoom from the course navigation menu.
Zoom: Video Conferencing Tool

Tutorials for Instructors

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting Controls

Recording a Zoom Meeting

Sharing Your Screen

Tutorials for Students

Join a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting Controls

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