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Socrative is a classroom engagement platform that allows for a wide variety of polling and assessment strategies. With Socrative, instructors can quickly assess student understanding with prepared activities or on the fly questions and then adjust instruction based on the results. The creation of questions and groups of questions is easy, and questions can be reused as many times as needed. In-class polling is a great strategy to quickly gather information from students to determine understanding of course content or to simply gather and display aggregate data on personal opinions and experience. Students participate in question response using either an app on their phone or tablet, or a computer, and allows instructors to set the pace of assessment and questioning. It also generates a variety of reports that can either be displayed to the class or can be examined by the instructor once the session is over. The free version of Socrative can be used with up to 50 students and can support in class polling.

Socrative Pro

Socrative Pro supports larger classes and includes additional features such as roster import and restricted access based on student ID. Pro also provides additional methods of presentation and allows up to 10 rooms and activities. CIRT has instructor licenses for the Pro version; to start using Socrative Pro you’ll first need to create a free account which can be done here: Simply click “Get Account,” and sign up for the free account. To upgrade to Pro or to schedule a consultation to discuss implementation, contact CIRT at