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ParSCORE is computer software that works in conjunction with the OpScan 4ES machine housed in CIRT. Exams are graded and stored in a grade book, which can be exported to a comma delimited file and then opened with Excel or uploaded to Canvas for posting. The ParSCORE system takes some time to set up, but offers extensive reporting and analysis options.


Our Scantron Machine Comparison page compares features between the OpScan 4ES machine housed in CIRT and the 888P+ machine provided by ITS at the Help Desk in the Thomas G. Carpenter library. 


The PC and software that run the scanner are located in Building 10. If you have questions contact us by e-mailing cirtlab@unf.eduor by calling us at (904) 620-3927.  

Setting up your course for the Scantron

Before you can grade your forms your course must be set up in  Scantron's Parscore software. This has to be done for every course, each semester. You can request that your course be set up in advance using the form below. Please plan in advance! It may take us up to two business days to complete this request.


Course Request Form

Schedule an appointment to use the Scantron:

Select the Schedule Appointment button below to reserve a time to use the Scantron machine. In the event that a desired appointment time is not available, instructors can email to request scheduling assistance. 

Schedule Appointment

Before you give a test

  • Be sure students use ParScore TestForm F-289-PAR-L, available in the bookstore.
  • Be aware that the Scantron machine will only score the front side of the form (questions 1 - 100).
  • Prepare the test key(s) using ParScore TestForm F-289-PAR-L
  • Be aware that each version of a test must have a separate test key form with the appropriate form letter marked in the Test Form section.
  • Be aware that tests may have extra credit questions.
  • Inform students of the proper way to bubble. They must bubble in their N-number.

Directions for Use

Using Canvas with Scantron

Bubble Example - more info below

A Parscore TestForm F- 289-Par-L Red form with student named filled out using last then first name, subject filled out using ABC1234, an the date in mm/dd/yy format, The I.D. Number is filled out with the first number being N , and the others having a number both written and bubbled in. The test form is only for instructors to bubble in, and the exam number is not bubbled.