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Remark is computer software that works in conjunction with the Scantron OpScan 4ES machine housed in CIRT West (Building 10, Suite 1200). The Remark system is designed for quick score scans that produce a variety of reporting and analysis options. Exams are graded and converted into reports, which can be exported to a comma delimited (CSV) file and then opened with Excel or uploaded to Canvas for posting.

Our Scantron Machine Comparison page compares features between the OpScan 4ES machine housed in CIRT and the 888P+ machine provided by ITS at the Help Desk in the Thomas G. Carpenter library.

Schedule an Appointment to Use the Scantron


Select the Schedule Appointment button to reserve a time to use the Scantron machine. In the event that a desired appointment time is not available, instructors can email to request scheduling assistance.

Schedule Appointment

Before You Give a Test

  • Be sure students use ParScore TestForm F-289-PAR-L
  • Prepare the test key(s) using ParScore TestForm F-289-PAR-L and clearly distinguish them from the student bubble sheets.
  • Be aware that each version of a test must have a separate test key form with the appropriate form letter marked in the Test Form section.
  • Be aware that tests may have extra credit or partial credit questions.
  • Inform students of the proper way to bubble in the exam. They must bubble in their N-Number.
  • Make sure students use pencils only. The machine will not read pen marks.

Scoring a Test

The Remark software offers a variety of options for test scoring and results reporting. CIRT encourages instructors to schedule an appointment to use the Scantron machine so that we can ensure a member of staff is readily available to assist with the process.

Directions for using the Scantron machine with the Remark software can be found on CIRT’s External Knowledgebase within the Scantron / Remark Instructions article.

Reports are automatically generated for each scanning session. Refer to the Remark Office OMR Quick Stats guide to learn about the types of reports that can be exported.

Considerations for Data Storage


Test session data and reports cannot be saved on the Scantron computer and will need to be moved to a permanent location. Recommended options include:

Important Note: CIRT does not recommend sending the files via email because they contain student grades and N-numbers which are classified as non-directory information.