Student Clickers Documentation

Where to Purchase

You will need to purchase a clicker if your class requires  its use (ISBN: 978-1-934931-49-3) or Responseware license from the bookstore or from Turning Technologies online store. UNF's school code is for clicker purchase in the online store is uNF2.


Note: Please review your course syllabus or contact your instructor before making a purchase as not all instructors allow the use of Responseware in their course.  

Students should purchase ONLY ONE “CLICKER” because the same unit can be used in every class.   

How to Register

Have your Clicker? Great! Review the Student Documentation to register and learn how to use your clicker

Important Clicker Tips

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  • Remember to register your clicker in Blackboard before class begins. Professors like it when you're prepared! :)

  • Enter the Channel at the start of each class...Your clicker forgets where it is and a confused clicker is a clunky clicker.

  • Don't share clicker with your best buddy, your roomie, or even your mommy. Your grades might end up in the Bermuda Triangle...with all those pesky left socks, cell phones, and car keys.

  • If you need help don't call the Help Desk. Instead, call Turning Point (see below for handy contact info).

  • Do not buy Responseware before looking at your syllabus to confirm! Not all professors allow it.

Cranky Clicker? Need additional help? 


 Contact Turning Technologies Tech Support:


  • 866.746.3015
    Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST