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Training, Troubleshooting, and Help

Training and Tutorials

Polling Guides

PowerPoint Polling for Windows

PowerPoint Polling for Mac

Anywhere Polling Guide for Windows and Mac

Self Paced Polling Guide for Windows and Mac

Canvas Integrations for Windows and Mac

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials cover building presentations and content, running different kinds of polls, and generating reports for those polls.

Canvas Training

Uploading Grades to Canvas

Effective Practices

From a review of the literature on classroom response systems, the Faculty Center at UCF has created a list of effective practices for incorporating clicker systems into teaching methodology.

Troubleshooting and Help

Forgot to Save a Session

Session Missing from Course

Students Not Showing Up in TurningPoint Software

Update Participant List in Software
Change the Channel on Receiver & Change the Channel on Clicker

For More Help

If you have any questions, need assistance or are interested in further training opportunities with clickers, please contact CIRT:

How to Help Your Students

Where can students buy a clicker?

Students can purchase a Turning Point QT2 clicker from the following places:
UNF Bookstore
Turning Technologies Web Store (UNF School Code: uNF2)
Other Students: Sometimes students will sell their clickers when they are done using them. This is usually okay, as long as students are not trying to share one clicker at the same time.
*Note: If a student purchases a clicker second-hand, some device setting may need to be reset for the clicker to function properly. Please see the student help section for more information.

Where can students buy a ResponseWare code?

Students can purchase a ResponseWare code from Turning Technologies:

Turning Technologies Web Store (UNF School Code: uNF2)

Access codes can also be purchased during the registration process in Canvas, where they will be asked to enter a registration code, or prompted to buy one if they do not already have one.

Which clicker does my student need?

Students should purchase a Turning Technologies QT2. The NXT clickers are no longer manufactured but will be supported. These are the ONLY clickers that will work on UNF campus.


Correct Clicker Types

These clickers will Not work on our campus:

Wrong Clickers

Where can my student get help with their clicker?

Students can get basic assistance and troubleshooting help through CIRT's Student clicker website.

For more advanced troubleshooting, students should contact Turning Technologies:

**Please do NOT refer students to the UNF Help Desk.

How much do clickers cost for students?

Students can purchase clickers from the bookstore; the cost for fall 2018 is $73.50. Turning Technologies also provides an online store. UNF's school code is for clicker purchase is uNF2. The cost for Responseware varies from $17.99- $24.99, depending on the length of the license. Students must register new devices through Canvas. If a student used the clickers previously through Blackboard, they will need to use the link provided by the instructor to log in through Canvas.

How do students register their clickers in Canvas?

Students should follow these instructions to register their clickers in Canvas before the first class:

  • Login to Canvas.
  • Access the course module where clicker TurningPoint Registration Tool is available
  • If a first time user, the student will be prompted to create a free Turning Technologies account. If the student already has an account, they can sign in with their credentials to register their device ID.
  • Enter Device found under the barcode on the back of the device (ex: ABC1D23).
  • Click Register