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historic map of Florida, showing a slice of the Northern part of the state


CIRT will work with faculty to create maps for print and online publication. Maps can include geographic features, locations of evens or objects, and data visualizations such as category maps and heat maps.


  • Creating maps using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.
  • Creating maps from drawings, print or other non-digital sources.
  • Adding locations to a map by hand or using GPS coordinates or street.
  • Joining non-spatial data to maps (based on zip-code, area code, block group, address, etc.).
  • Visualizing data on maps.

Online and Interactive Maps

We will help you create online, and interactive maps using tools like Google Maps and ArcGIS Online. Below is an example map created in Google Maps.


The above example is of a map of Jacksonville, Florida that is interactive, allowing the user to select specified locations containing information about that location

Contact Us

If you would like assistance with creating maps, we will be happy to help you. Please call us at extension 3927, email us at, or drop by our office in Building 1, Room 1801 to schedule your appointment.