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Lecture Capture Classrooms

The Lecture Capture classrooms have enhanced technology that allows instructors to teach in Hyflex modality, with simultaneous in-person and remote students.  The new enhancements provide UNF faculty teaching in-person, face-to-face in the classroom with the ability to stream classroom content to remote students and/or capture the content of their face-to-face instruction. 


Enhanced classrooms were designed as extensions to the existing classroom technology. The classroom podium PC is used as the central control. Zoom video conferencing software allows for the participation of distance/online students through either synchronous streaming of the in-room experience or video capturing of that experience for later viewing. Faculty members can start a Zoom session from the Classroom PC to take advantage of the room’s video and audio enhancements to reach near and far students in attendance. Zoom’s recording feature can be used to record classroom lessons for asynchronous delivery to remote learners and to serve as a form of lecture capture. 

The classroom experience is intended to be self-driven by faculty. Leveraging existing knowledge and experience with Zoom video conferencing puts faculty in control of the session, sharing and recording using the familiar Zoom controls.

In addition to classroom spaces, some campus areas were converted to teaching and classroom spaces. These spaces include the Robinson Theater, Lazzarra Hall and the Student Union Ballrooms. These rooms required unique technology enhancements and will have the same features listed above. Because of the unique nature of these spaces – faculty will be provided with in-room production assistants to help run their sessions. These spaces will use either Zoom or Cisco Webex technologies for delivery. A set of mobile conferencing carts were acquired to provide the campus with a flexible technology option to deliver video conferencing/capture capabilities. These all-in-one carts feature a 55” flat panel with built in wide-angle camera, microphone array and interactive whiteboard. These carts also utilize familiar Zoom conferencing software to run classroom sessions.


Please visit this link ( authentication required) for a list of outfitted rooms.


Getting Started

  1. Pick up a personal microphone headset from the ITS Helpdesk.
  2. Review the ITS Podium Instructions and Classroom AV Controls for rooms with ceiling mounted cameras or the DTEN Cart Instructions for rooms with cart placements.
  3.  Review Best Practices for Hyflex Classes document.

How it Works

  1. Instructors schedule a Zoom session in advance of the class meeting time.
    We recommend scheduling the sessions as a recurring meeting, setting to record to the cloud automatically , and using the recommended security settings for maximum ease of use.
  2. In the classroom, log onto podium computer, launch Zoom (requires Duo), and start the session.
  3. After the session ends, post the recording link and password in Canvas.

Getting Help

  1. If you experience a problem in the classroom, call Campus Classroom AV hotline at 620-2909.
  2. Visit the ITS Classroom Technology page for additional information.
  3. For individual training or consultation on how to structure your Hyflex class activities, or use advanced functionality, such as group work, schedule a consultation with an Instructional Designer.