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Video Creation Process: Publishing

The publishing step of the video creation process is where you publish or distribute your video. 

youtube logo with hand underneathPublishing destinations might include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - or even other platforms. The big advantage of these Internet sharing sites is that it has been made super easy. The advantage hosting a video on a website that makes the video sharable (i.e. provides a link for embedding) is that a video can be more readily included on a website that a producer has control over. For example, you can easily embed a YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox video within a WordPress post or page, a video sharing platform such as Canvas Studio, or on another website. Embedded video simply is the ability to use a webpage as a “container" for a video that has already been uploaded to video hosting platform.

At CIRT we can help you with publishing by:

  • Recommending s publishing platform
  • Helping you learn how to use that platform
  • Teaching you how to embed you video in WordPress, Canvas, or another website 

Some publishing options include:

Youtube logo YouTube is a video sharing platform where each user has a channel. Users can upload videos to their channel and organize them in playlists, by recent uploads, and more. YouTube has a variety of privacy options including listing videos as public, private, or unlisted so it can be used to share videos even if the user does not want them visible to the general public. We recommend you use this if you are looking to share videos in links or to embed. YouTube is compatible with Arc.

Google Drive logo

Google Drive is a cloud based storage service that provides users with 15GB of storage space with their free Google account. Google Drive can store video files as well as document files, PDFs, audio files, and more. Google Drive also has built in software for creating documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and more. We recommend you use this particularly if you want to be able to send someone a link to a video that they can download. This is also a great tool for collaborating on video process documents such as scripts and storyboards. 

 Canvas Studio (formerly Arc)

Canvas Studio is a video sharing platform in Canvas that makes it easy to add videos to courses. Users can upload media to their Arc library in Canvas and then access the media throughout their Canvas courses to include in places such as content pages, discussion boards, and more. One of the great features of Arc is the insights it can provide on student engagement with the video. It also allows for commenting. We recommend you use this to upload media into your Canvas courses. You can also embed Youtube videos through Arc.  

Dropbox logo

Dropbox is a cloud based storage service. Unlike Google Drive, Dropbox stores files but does not include built in software to create new documents. We recommend using Dropbox to share a video with someone who will be downloading the video. You can also use Dropbox to collaborate by sharing folders that allow multiple people to upload and download files.