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Video Production Process: Planning 

Planning is an important step in the video creation process. Careful planning can ensure the best quality video is made in the most efficient amount of time. CIRT is happy to support many types of video projects for UNF faculty from being involved in every stage of the project, to only providing help when it's needed.


CIRT can help with the planning process by meeting with faculty to discuss their plan and make sure they have a solid foundation before they move on to the production step.


To begin planning your video you will need to establish a realistic time frame that will allow you to complete the project steps by your deadline. Check YouTube for similar videos and analyze them to see what they do well and how they could be better. What is missing from this video that would allow it to meet your needs? Can it serve as a model for your project?  


woman drawing storyboardIt is important to set expectations and plan for how to meet them. This is also a good time to set the scope of the project. Consider these questions when thinking about the scope of your project:

  • Who is the target audience? 
  • How long should the video be? 
  • How many people will be involved in the process of creating this video? 
  • Will this be a single video or a series of videos? 


Also consider if this video will be short, medium or long form:

  • Short form videos are simple videos such as course introductions or module introductions 
  • A medium form video is a bit longer and more involved and could be something such as capturing a lecture 
  • A long form video is the most complex video type, it often involves more people, requires a more detailed plan, and can take longer to produce. This would be something such as a video advertising a program that involves many interviews with faculty and students, shots from program classes and events, and possibly video of the campus as a whole.    

Storyboard on pad of paperShort form videos may not need as much detailed planning as long form videos. The amount of planning that goes into the video depends on the needs of the video, but the more planning that goes into the video at this stage usually means smoother production and post-production stages.


Decide early on where the video will be hosted when it is completed. Will it be stored through YouTube, Canvas Studio, or a different platform? Finally, set a schedule and deadlines for completing these tasks along the way.  


Visit the Digital Video Resources page for more resources to help you with the planning step in the video production process.