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camera on a green background

Video Recording Space

The CIRT video studio consists of a green screen video recording area, a sound isolation booth for high-quality voice recordings, and also a space to record video using a lightboard. The studio features professional-grade lighting, dedicated studio cameras, a teleprompter, and professional audio.

The Creative Team has designed the studio to be flexible and easy to configure quickly. Once we record your video in the studio, the Creative Team can also provide full editing services and assist you with publishing your video to Canvas (Canvas Studio), YouTube, or for sharing with others on OneDrive. CIRT provides hands-on support, but we have added a self-service recording component that can be used by faculty in a manner similar to the Online Learning Lab (OLL). Our hope is to create a studio that is simple where it needs to be, but with greater flexibility and higher quality.

Green Screen


The green screen capability (also known as "chroma keying” or just "keying") allows the ability to replace the green background with graphic backgrounds, still photographs, motion video, or you can even embed yourself in slide presentations using PowerPoint or Keynote.



Sound Booth

Sound booth

The 6x8’ recording booth provides a quiet, private space to record an audio file for use in podcasts, screencasts, or voiceover for video. Recording of instruments can be done here as well. 


Timelapse of CIRT Staff building sound booth

The Learning Glass™ (lightboard)

We have added a lightboard to the studio that will allow faculty to be recorded on video while writing on a glass screen - think of it as a see-through whiteboard! Check out a brief demonstration video below.

For most of the types of recordings that are possible in the studio, we have added the capability to do “live” recordings to a flash drive, so that once you are finished, you can leave with a video file. We’ll be adding much more functionality as we continue to build out the studio during the coming semesters. Whether you need to create course announcements, videos for your Canvas modules, demonstrations, or interviews, our studio should meet your needs.

Studio Examples

Contact Us

The video recording studio, audio sound booth, and lightboard are all available for faculty use! If you would like to book time in the CIRT Studio, you can visit our calendar, and schedule a date and time - If you have any questions, please call us at extension 3927, or email us at