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Remote Proctor Now - Information for Instructors

How to Get Started with Remote Proctor Now: 6 Steps

  1. Include the following language in your course syllabus:


    Online Remote Proctored Exams
    This course uses Remote Proctor Now for online exams. Remote Proctor Now records the visual, audio, and desktop aspects of your exam environment. You will need a webcam to use this tool. Be sure to read over the exam process, technical requirements, exam policy, and support information before using Remote Proctor Now. For more information on Online Remote Proctored Exams:

  2. Contact CIRT at to have Remote Proctor Now installed in your course.


  3. Create a practice test for students and require that they complete it before the first exam. This will help them correct any technical issues in advance of the stress of a real exam.


  4. Set up your exam in Canvas and set a password for the exam. Note: Do not include any special characters in the exam name


  5. In your Canvas course, launch the RPNow app by clicking RPNow from the navigation menu and register the exam by clicking +Register Exam. Consult the Instructor Quick Start Guide for detailed instructions.


  6. After students have taken the exam, log in to your Canvas course, click on RPNow link in the navigation menu and click on Review Report tab to review any flagged behavior. The report is generally visible within 3 business days and available for 3 months.

Consult the RPNow University page for additional guides and how-to videos 

Remote Proctor NOW System Requirements

Remote Proctor Now requires a minimum of Mac OS 10.13 or Windows 8.


The latest Remote Proctor Now system requirements (MAC & PC).

Remote Proctor NOW Faculty Support Information

For Remote Proctor NOW faculty support call 855-436-2038.
Available 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., M-F (Excluding holidays)
or by email at


Remote Proctor Now FAQs What is Remote Proctor NOW?
Remote Proctor Now from Software Secure is an on-demand, easy to use method for securing the online testing environment. Students can take tests at their convenience, in the comfort of their own homes, using their computer and a webcam.


What are the technical requirements?

  • PC (Windows 8 or higher) or a Mac (OS 10.13 or higher)
  • Webcam, either external or the one built into your computer. External cameras on Macs aren’t supported.
  • Internet connection

How does Remote Proctor Now work for students?

  1. Click the Remote Proctor Now link through the Modules of your Canvas course.
  2. Click on the link to run the program and select your class and exam.
  3. Authenticate your ID by holding it up to your webcam and taking a picture of it.
  4. Go to Canvas to enter the exam you are taking.

Watch the video here for more information about Remote Proctor Now.

Consult the student page for information on Remote Proctor Now for Students