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Honorlock - Information for Instructors

Honorlock Overview

Honorlock is the online proctoring service adopted for use with Distance Learning courses. Honorlock provides services similar to what a student would experience when visiting a testing center, with identity verification and capture of that ID, and monitoring and recording of the testing environment. The service uses a Chrome extension and records the webcam and screen activity during the exam period.

How to Get Started with Honorlock

  1. Email to request assistance with getting Honorlock set up in your course.
  2. Consult the Honorlock Best Practices document for syllabus language, links to instructor and student guides, and steps for enabling your exams and reviewing results.
  3. Create a Practice Quiz for students and require that they complete it before the first exam. This will allow students to correct any technical issues.
  4. Develop your exam using Canvas Quizzes, and then enable it with Honorlock.
  5. After students have taken the exam, view the exam results and review any student videos through the Honorlock link in your Canvas course.

Honorlock System Requirements for Students

  • A laptop or desktop computer (not a tablet), webcam, and microphone
  • A stable and reliable internet connection
  • Chrome is the only compatible browser (make sure third party cookies are enabled)
  • Students need to install the Honorlock extension
  • Mac users should refer to the Student FAQs for additional system preferences that may need to be adjusted for webcams

Honorlock no longer supports operating systems Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac OSX 10.11 and Mac OSX 10.12. If any students are using one of those operating systems, they will need to update their system in order to take exams with Honorlock. Students can check that they are able to run Honorlock by going to Honorlock’s Support page and using the Simple Single Click test. If an upgrade is necessary, students can find information and guidance about the process by visiting the Honorlock Minimum System Requirements webpage. Students can receive support by contacting the UNF ITS Helpdesk at

Honorlock Support Information

Honorlock support can be reached through email at, or via the live-chat option through the Honorlock link in Canvas.

Students can reach out to UNF Information Technology Services at for troubleshooting assistance. For questions about the service itself, students can use the live-chat option either during their test, or through the Honorlock link in Canvas.

Instructors can email for support with exam creation or assistance with Honorlock usage.

Honorlock Privacy

Honorlock uses a Chrome extension and records the webcam and screen activity during the exam period. Honorlock's privacy statement addresses how the use of the Chrome extension helps to protect student data and how they address other privacy issues.

UNF's contract with Honorlock includes protection for students’ personal information. Any data provided to or collected by Honorlock during a proctoring session is subject to the protections of FERPA and may only be used by Honorlock for the purpose of providing the proctoring services. Recorded proctoring sessions are deleted after the time for grade appeal has passed. Honorlock's statement on FERPA can be found here.

Honorlock Usage and Support Guides

Consult the student page for information on Honorlock for students.