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Are you interested in learning more about Canvas? Below are resources CIRT and Canvas have developed to make your Canvas experience a success, and with a broad offering of training methods there is sure to be one that fits your busy schedule.


CIRT offers multiple Canvas workshops throughout the year that vary from semester to year. Some of our more popular workshops include:


Arc: Video Publishing & Communication Tool for Canvas
This session provides an overview of Arc, UNF’s video platform in Canvas. Arc was built to promote active learning, allowing instructors and students to not only publish video, but also to engage with media content by commenting (and replying) directly on media timelines. Arc provides users with asset management tools as well as analytics about how users interact with media. Session attendees learn how to import and publish media, create Arc assignments and provide feedback, and discuss best practices for tool use.


Canvas 101
This hands-on, instructor-led session provides an overview of Canvas, UNF’s learning management system. Instructors learn about the Canvas interface and how to create content, assignments, quizzes, and discussions. Mobile apps, student tracking, and grade management are also covered.


Canvas Grading and Rubrics
In this workshop, instructors learn about options for using the Canvas Gradebook. Best practices for providing feedback on assignments and quizzes are covered, as well as creating, editing, and attaching Rubrics to assignments in Canvas.


Tools for Student Engagement
This workshop provides an introduction to tools in Canvas that promote student engagement. Strategies for implementing learning activities that prioritize learner-learner, learner-content, and learner-instructor interactions will be highlighted. Tools that encourage collaboration, participation, and feedback will be showcased.


Visit the CIRT Events page for a complete list of upcoming workshops.
*please note summer semester has limited workshops available.


Online Training

UNF’s Instructor Canvas Orientation
This self-paced online course provides an overview of Canvas, UNF’s new learning management system. Instructors learn about the Canvas interface and how to create content, assignments, quizzes, discussions and manage grades. You can self-enroll into this course; simply by clicking the link:


Participate in instructor-led online workshops geared towards new and advanced Canvas users. Workshops include course basics, managing quizzes, outcomes and rubrics, and data for teachers. Create an account and sign up now as registration is required. More information can be found at

Knowledgebase Articles

UNF’s Canvas Knowledgebase
CIRT has developed a knowledgebase that is specific to UNF’s Canvas instance. The articles are geared toward UNF’s tools and functionality. Also, subscribe to the LMS News section receive updates and outage notices. Visit the knowledgebase at


Canvas Guides
Canvas has developed its own knowledgebase on the functionality of the tools and features. Visit Canvas Guides at *Please note some of the tools and features described in the articles may not be available on UNF’s Canvas.

One-on-one Training

Want a one-on-one training on a specific tool offered in UNF’s Canvas instance? Schedule a training session with Taylor Kennedy by sending him an email at