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From individualized, tailored support to abundant digital libraries, both CIRT and Instructure provide a wealth of resources to help instructors make the most of their Canvas experience. CIRT’s Online Learning Support team includes professional staff and student assistants that are available to support faculty with their online learning needs through personalized consultations and ongoing professional development opportunities. Outside of CIRT, Instructure offers 24/7 direct Canvas support, extensive user guides, and insights into product development and platform updates.

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CIRT Canvas Training

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CIRT has developed an abundance of resources to help foster success and guide every instructor’s journey through Canvas. With our broad offering of live and on-demand training opportunities, we strive to meet the needs of all skill levels in order to enhance the Canvas user experience. Live events are hosted by CIRT staff and focus on specific features of Canvas, as well as other tools and strategies that can be used to augment online learning. Online training options are also available for a more flexible, self-paced learning experience.

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Instructure Canvas Support 

Using the help button in Canvas is a quick and easy way to talk with the support team 24/7.

Canvas Community and Guides 

The Canvas Guides include answers to common questions as well as resources for instructors just getting started.

Canvas Release Notes 

View the latest product release information and search past releases for Canvas LMS.

Canvas Screencasts 

Videos detailing newly released Canvas features. An easy way to view and learn about the latest changes to Canvas software.

Canvas Roadmap 

Want to learn about a feature gets on the roadmap and the product process? The Canvas roadmap includes information on upcoming changes and beta features.

The Canvas TL;DR Blog and Podcast 

The tl;dr blog is the place to learn all about Canvas products directly from Instructure's product teams.


Participate in instructor-led online workshops geared toward new and advanced Canvas users. Workshops include course basics, managing quizzes, outcomes and rubrics, and data for teachers. Create an account and sign up now as registration is required. For more information, view the Canvas Training webpage.

Instructure Status 

Real-time and historical data on system performance.


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