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Apps and Integrations

Using Canvas External Apps (sometimes called LTI tools), instructors can easily add new features to Canvas courses. Canvas apps can be added to an individual course, or to all the courses in an institution. Once an app is installed in Canvas, instructors can link to the app from course modules, use it to create assignments for assessment tools, or add it to a course's navigation.


Some apps are not preconfigured at the institutional level but are available for you to install at the course level, and they are referred to as whitelisted apps. Installed apps are ready to be used within your course content areas or from the course menu whereas whitelisted apps require you to configure them for your course before they are available.

Getting Started

If you are just beginning to use external apps in your course these articles contain helpful information to get you started:

How to View Available External Apps
Contains information on how to view installed and whitelisted apps from within your course.

How to Use External Apps
This article covers the different ways you can access an external app from within your course.

New External App Requests

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Each request to add an external app is carefully evaluated to determine if the integration provides significant value and can improve the teaching and learning process, while maintaining security, reliability, and system performance.

To request that an app be whitelisted, please see How to Request an External App.

Available Canvas Apps

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MHCampus services provide access to MGH textbooks, SIMnet, and interactive resources tied to disciplines and content.

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Pearson LMS integrations like MyLab and Mastering and Revel, facilitate personalized active learning experiences that help students succeed.