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Ally: Canvas Accessibility Checker

Ally is an accessibility checker integrated into Canvas. This tool provides instructors with feedback on the accessibility of uploaded files and guidance to make those documents more accessible. This is gauged utilizing an accessibility score. Ally also automatically provides alternative formats for files uploaded, such as HTML, electronic Braille, and audio, which are available to both students and instructors. Ally will be used to identify a baseline for the accessibility of courses and will allow UNF to continue providing a more inclusive learning environment for all students.

For more information, view the video below:




Accessibility is proactive, accommodation is reactive. Creating accessible course content will save time in the long run. Accessible content improves the learning experience for all students, not just individuals with disabilities, as it meets the needs of a variety of learning preferences. As accessibility exists on a spectrum, there is always room to improve. 


CIRT offers online training for Ally. This self-paced online course provides an overview of Ally and how to best utilize the tool. It will provide information on accessibility scores, how to improve them, and how to convert uploaded content to accessible formats. Self-enroll into the Ally course on Canvas for more information. 


To improve document accessibility: 

View CIRT’s Accessible Documents page. 

Register for training through CIRT’s Event page on LibCal