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Accessible Documents

Electronic documents can be made accessible to individuals with disabilities. There are accessibility checkers built-in to Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe, but creating them with accessibility in mind is a proactive way to save time. No matter the platform, when creating content it is best to follow the recommendations below:


  • Use legible font style, size, and color
  • Use sequential headings 
  • Provide alternative text for images 
  • Use tables for presenting content, and ensure there is a column header 
  • Use lists (either bulleted or numbered) 
  • Use meaningful hyperlinks (do not copy and paste the URL into content) 
  • Export properly to keep accessibility intact (do not “Print to PDF”)


CIRT offers training for Creating Accessible Electronic Documents. Register for training through CIRT's Event page on LibCal.


For complex issues, please contact CIRT at or (904) 620-3927.

Creating Accessible Word Documents

Creating Accessible PowerPoints

Creating Accessible PDF’s