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NOW ONLINE! Develop your ability to uncover the organizational gaps of your prospects and propose solutions that create long-term partnerships.

Sales Excellence – Becoming a Trusted Advisor


This robust program provides sales professionals with the entire framework needed to properly prepare for prospecting and sales calls, create dynamic discovery questions, overcome complex objections, close deals, and build long-term valuable relationships. The program immerses students in an interactive learning environment focused on improving sales performance and provides them with tools, templates, and best practices exploring with them, the DNA of a Trusted Advisor.


Uniquely, this program connects the sales framework with scientifically proven competencies that identify skills gaps, drive coaching, improve performance, and prepares future advancement.


  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Leaders
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Business Professionals
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A full sales framework with tools, templates, and best practices that provide immediate results such as:



Guided by a seasoned sales and executive leader in a collaborative classroom environment, students use their current real-world examples to yield immediate impact on their business.

  • Prospecting: Students learn how to properly identify prospects, decision makers, and industries that yield revenue driven results. Students will also learn how to find additional areas of opportunities to upsell and cross sell.
  • Preparation: Students learn how to properly prepare for complex conversations during every phase of the sales process. Tools are provided so students can become consistent with their preparation efforts and create impactful conversations.
  • Trusted Advisorship: Students learn how to build trust, rapport, and world-class sales excellence by crafting powerful discovery questions, reframing objections into solutions, closing deals with confidence, and developing perpetual relationships.


Students will:

  • Diagnose their business and uncover current sales process gaps
  • Understand the DNA of a Trusted Advisor and learn how to build powerful relationships with all their prospects and clients through a proven 7-Step sales framework
  • Learn how to tell appropriate stories that drive connectivity, understanding, and positive buying experience
  • Receive tools and templates that create value-driven results
  • Apply their real-world examples for immediate implementation and success
  • Recognize the competencies that drive the skills and behaviors needed for a successful sales career

* To optimize the learning experience of each participant, suggested enrollment is capped at 30 participants for each class at one time.


Overcome These Common Sales Challenges:

Sales and marketing has a trust problem. According to a 2016 survey of 928 respondents from around the world, only 3% consider a salesperson and their peers in marketing to be trustworthy. That’s only slightly better than politicians and lobbyist.

Relationship Management

Many sales professionals struggle to balance rapport and actually helping clients achieve desired results. Relationship management is more than having cocktails with prospects and clients. It’s about genuine and mutual respect that comes from solving real problems.

Price vs. Value

Sales professionals are feeling the pressure to articulate the value of their solution amid less costly alternatives. This is especially true when selling into procurement organizations.


More stakeholders on the buyer side of the table lead to a complex decision-making process. Sales professionals must remember to take the time to ask questions that reveal the decision-making tree.


Automation tools help with prospecting, but sales professionals still need to have a relevant message, know with whom to communicate and how the message will be communicated. Effective prospecting is an art and a science.

Building a Pipeline of Opportunities

According to a recent study, 63% of sales leaders said that building a pipeline of opportunities is harder than closing a pipeline of business. Pipeline management and forecasting are also considered top challenges.


80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. 40% of sales professionals give up after 1 follow-up. For the 60% that do follow-up more than once, what are they saying?

Talent. Culture. Collaboration.

Talent and culture is always important. Add to the mix collaboration. In today’s complex B2B sales environment, the ability to collaborate internally with peers is perhaps more critical than ever before.