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Improvement first starts with understanding and measurement which then leads to the ability to control and maintain.




Course Details


Completion of a Green Belt project is optional in this certificate program. In the traditional classroom option, your registration fee includes one year of instructor mentorship immediately following the course to identify and complete an approved project. In the online class, the project mentorship can be purchased for an additional fee. Oftentimes a project will serve as credible evidence to an employer that you can apply Six Sigma in the real world. The registration fee will not be discounted if you choose not to complete a project. Two six-month project extensions are available for purchase if you are unable to complete your project within twelve months.


Typically, projects are conducted at the participants’ workplace. If a participant is not currently employed, he/she should seek out a volunteer or non-profit organization that may benefit from a process improvement project.


During the class, participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm possible Six Sigma projects with the instructor and work on the project problem and goal statements. Ideally, a project topic will be approved by the last day of class. If more time is needed, participants can communicate with the instructor via email.


The project topic, problem and goal statements must be approved by the instructor. Failing to have a project approved before proceeding may result in the project being rejected by the mentor.


After each phase of the approved Six Sigma project, participants will submit documentation for instructor review. The participant may redact any confidential or sensitive data or information from the documentation if required by the participant’s organization.


Participants will have the ability to communicate with the instructor via email and/or phone conference over the 12-month period immediately following the course. In addition to reviewing the required documentation, the instructor is also available to offer specific project management advice, guidance on the use of Six Sigma tools, and technical assistance in data collection and analysis.




    We offer three levels of recognition of Green Belts at University of North Florida:
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Bronze Certificate
    This person has completed all of the required classroom/online training of the course.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Silver Certificate
    This person has completed all of the required classroom/online training of the course and passed the comprehensive final exam for the traditional classroom option or the module quizzes for the online class option.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
    This person holds a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Silver Certificate and has completed an approved project.