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Animal Assisted Interventions Certificate

Course 103: Advanced Practicum in Animal Assisted Interventions

An advanced practice course on the incorporation of animals and the human-animal bond into the AAIs. Standards of practice, ethics and recommended competencies of practice currently available are covered in depth. You will engage in 12 – 15 hours of live experiential sessions providing the opportunity for you to experience AAIs through a practicum experience. Additionally, 3 (three) in-person classroom sessions with hands-on training with two different species will enrich your learning experience. The training is in an experiential group format and you will practice AAIs under supervision and direction with live feedback addressing the need for supervised experience in AAI training outlined in the standards of practice.

  • Interpret and apply the Animal Assisted Intervention International Standards of Practice
  • Identify processes to gain national registrations or certifications based upon species expertise available as an AAI practitioner
  • Demonstrate awareness of animal welfare issues and ethical utilization of animals in the counseling setting
  • Explore attitudes, beliefs, understandings and acculturative experiences through experiential learning activities that foster participant understanding of self in relationship to animals and ethical practice with culturally diverse clients
  • Employ ethical AAI practice congruent with an identified evidence-based model for interventions



  • Distance learning/hybrid
    • Six weekly online modules
    • 3-day intensive workshop option (in lieu of weekly workshop) available with enrollment of 8 or more students enrolled in intensive workshop (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Three in-person sessions (Synchronous, virtual meeting is available for non-local participants)
    • Engagement in 12 – 15 hours of experiential practicum in your community with an AAI provider
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