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UNF OLLI Instructor Form


Thank you for volunteering with OLLI at UNF!


For the best result completing this instructor form, please use either Firefox or Chrome as your browser. If you do not have either browser installed on your computer, please visit Firefox or Chrome to download. Once downloaded, open the new browser and navigate back to the OLLI Instructor form. Finally, please ensure that all required fields on the instructor form (marked with an asterisk) are completed.




  • Do not use tab key to move between topics. Using the tab key will skip over required fields.
  • Please review the form in its entirety before beginning to fill it out. You cannot return to a partially completed form.

* Indicates required field


Term Information

Instructor Information

2. Contact Information


3. * Are you a new instructor for OLLI?

Course Information



7a. * Is this a new course?

7b. * A repeated course with new content?

8. * Number of students:


9. Course Description - Please write a couple of sentences in response to the following three questions:




10. * Is there a materials fee that students need to pay you directly?




11. * Please indicate in priority the days you prefer to teach. Please select different days of the week for each choice.

Choice 1:  


Choice 2:


Choice 3:  


13. * Please indicate in priority the time of day you prefer to teach. Please select different times of day for each choice.

Choice 1:  


Choice 2:  


Choice 3:  









15c. Please use this space to specify when you are not available to teach.




17. * Which campus do you prefer as your teaching venue? (Please select as many as apply.)


Classroom Support, Set-up, & AV for This Class

18. * Please select your preferred classroom set-up. We've indicated the maximum number of students for each style.




20a. * Select which is most important to you.

20b. From which location will you teach?

21. * Let us know which classroom equipment you want OLLI to provide for you. Check all items you think you might need.

NOTE: We urge you to schedule an AV appointment a week in advance of your class to test any personal equipment you will use to present your class content (e.g. personal laptop, DVDs, flash drives, etc.).

**Portable speakers will have limited sound volume

***VHS players are not available in all rooms


22. * Will you be using a personal Apple device for teaching?


22a. Will you use PowerPoint to present your content?


22b. Will you use presenter notes with a separate display for students?


23. Will you have handouts you would like us to duplicate? If Yes, please submit document(s) by email to the Customer Care Team, at least two weeks before copies are needed.






For Distance Learning, Continue Here: 


26. How comfortable are you using the Zoom platform and it's navigation functions?

27. What device will you use to present your class?


28. What operating system will you use?



29. My program will be:

30. Do you envision using Powerpoint or Keynote?
31. Other visual presentation resources you might use:


32. Planned level of interactivity

33. How will you promote interactivity (Check all that apply):


34. Synchronous class – Might you be willing to allow us to record your program for future distribution?

35. What didn't we ask that you would like for us to know?


Please review your form before continuing. If you're prevented from checking "I'm not a robot" or the "Submit" button, recheck your form for completeness.


If your form is successfully transmitted to OLLI, you will receive an instant "Thank You" message and a copy of your form was sent to your email address. Please keep the copy for your records.


If you do not receive an instant "Thank You" message and a copy of the form, or if you notice information that needs to be corrected, please contact your liaison."