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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Your Encore Roll text and ladies in fancy hats

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Cultivate Your Encore Role!

Do you love exploring your smart phone? OLLI members are clamoring for your help! Can you facilitate a class on smart phone basics (iPhone or Android)? Or perhaps you can share your knowledge of photo editing, Excel, or another application.


Do you speak French, Spanish, Hebrew or another language? Do you know American Sign Language? OLLI language learning is not like high school. It is often practical basics such as for travel. There is no need for a teaching background, just ability to speak the language. Consider sharing your skill with others.


Do you appreciate our wonderful OLLI instructors? Be a personal contact point for instructors, help instructors submit course descriptions for the catalog, and answer questions during the term as a member of the Instructor Liaison Team. Most work is done by email from home (moderate computer skills are needed), flexible hours. 


Give back to your OLLI. Email for more information; there is NO obligation.