Student Testimonials

Cesar Burgos, CTL

I obtained my Certification in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) from the University of North Florida Continuing Education cohort program. This has been one of the most thorough and professional classes I have attended in years. The instructors make the course very dynamic, easy to understand, challenging and engaging. Real-case situations were incorporated with our classmates' experiences as well. The program encourages participation throughout and students keep an open mind, allowing creative thinking and deep understanding of the logistics and transportation industry.

I was able to immediately apply my knowledge at work and directly support the transportation and logistics group analyzing freight lanes by assisting in the bidding process. Achieving the CTL has provided recognition among my peers and has let me expand my experience in a constantly evolving industry.

I strongly recommend getting your ASTL CTL Certification, whether you are currently in the industry or interested in venturing into the transportation and logistics world, the curriculum in this program helps "you to think different" and will open many current and future opportunities and developments within this industry.  

David Gilmore, CTL

Today I am extremely privileged to have landed a wonderful position within CEVA Logistics, a premier global 3PL company providing supply chain solutions to large commercial customers around the world. The job offer was directly attributable to my new professional certification as a CTL and a very solid referral from my former instructor at the University of North Florida CTL Cohort Program. My title is Manager, Commercial Finance – Americas Region, where I apply the knowledge attained as a CTL in analyzing the financial viability and contractual terms of major commercial logistics investments. 

It is comforting to have a complete and solid grasp of the supply chain solutions being presented to our customers. As I enter this new phase of my career, I am confident that the knowledge that I have attained in UNF’s program and my Certification in Transportation and Logistics will pay dividends in my professional logistics career, and will most certainly benefit my new organization.

My road to gaining a professional certification as a CTL began in late 2012 as I was preparing to transition out of the Navy. My final eight years of military service had been spent as a Supply Officer, heavily involved with leading various facets of an operational military supply chain, operating from ships and naval bases around the world. I had gained direct experience in logistics from a military viewpoint. But I suspected that as I would make the transition from the Navy, that the private sector would open up my eyes to a whole new perspective on logistics. It was through sheer coincidence one day that I heard a radio interview touting the CTL Program at the University of North Florida. I attended an information session and ultimately enrolled in UNF’s program, where I would learn the ins and outs of contemporary logistics from a commercial viewpoint. I believed that this program and certification would help bridge the gap and smooth my transition to the private sector.

I spent five months with my tremendously knowledgeable instructors, Ron Shamlaty and Brett Harper learning the intricacies of the commercial side of logistics. Beginning with a general review of business management practices, progressing through transportation and supply chain management, and on to a comprehensive study of international logistics, I learned what I needed to know. For me, it was a matter of translating an existing skill set and expanding my understanding into a viable credential that could be used to prove my knowledge. The gamble paid off and I now realize how fortunate I was to have heard that radio interview. 


Renee Lambing, CTL

I have broad experience in Supply Chain Management and Transportation and Logistics, but I learned more and refocused my thinking by taking the Certification in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) at the University of North Florida. My intention was to learn more about Global Logistics and the complexities involved in cross-bounder trade and logistics. I gained, not only valuable knowledge in this area, but a more comprehensive understanding of global supply chain models. 

In today’s global economy one single company no longer manages its product from manufacturing to market. They now only control segments of their supply chain. Companies and divisions controlling various other components of their supply chain may be located anywhere around the world. This has prompted manufacturing organizations to take on more vertical structures in contrast to traditional horizontal structures of the past. Companies have begun focusing on their “core competencies” rather than trying to manage the entire process or network. Outsourcing of individual parts or pieces of their network is common practice. Management of the supply chain has become the differentiator between those that succeed and excel in business and those that lose their ability to compete and quickly become obsolete. This is only magnified in a global supply chain management arena.

The global supply chain has become longer and exponentially more complex. It includes the flow of product starting with raw materials and ending at the point of final consumption, with beginning and end often being continents apart. The supply chain has become the largest business process within global companies. Global procurement and supply chain functions serve as key factors to improved cost performance and service metrics. In response to increasing levels of globalization and low efficiency within the global supply chains, organizations must seek to systematically develop ways to improve their global trade operations.

My knowledge base, skill sets, and career paths have been enhanced through time and effort spent taking the CTL. I look forward to putting my new knowledge to use and to sharing it with those I mentor.

Joe Larsen, CTL

I learned about the ASTL certification programs through the University of North Florida and became a member of the association. In obtaining my CTL certification, I benefit from being recognized as a fellow professional who has a vested interest in working to improve the value and vision of logistics. I truly believe that life is about continual learning and improving. The people I’ve met around the world in the field of logistics consistently feel the same way and I’ve been fortunate to be led and mentored by them. Membership in ASTL and becoming involved in as many programs as you can is a terrific way to increase your knowledge, build your toolkit, and professional network.

One of the best things I learned while obtaining my CTL was the mapping of the supply chain and logistical processes within it. If you have a map you can find where you are, where you’ve been, and determine how to get where you’re going. It allows for isolating different segments to scrutinize costs, identify relationships, and evaluate value chain complexities. Mapping of the network lets you plan for contingencies so that your materials make it to their destination with as little interruption as possible. It’s an invaluable tool in our field. Being prior military we used a lot of maps to give leadership a good picture in a snapshot of the situation now and develop a plan for the future including backup plans. Leadership will not get “surprised” by changes and costs because of network difficulties. 


Jay McCleary, CTL

The CTL Transportation and Logistics course at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida is an outstanding program. The instructors are experienced professionals that bring a great deal of real world experience to the educational experience. The class is very interactive and the students participate in discussions of the subject matter. The projects are assigned in groups and the students work together on class presentations on the relevant material being covered. It is a healthy educational and business experience in team work and presentation skills as the students learn from one another and receive questions and feedback from the class as a whole. The CTL Class at UNF not only serves as an educational class but also serves well in improving business skills as a whole. I would recommend this class to all business students and professionals as a great experience and useful knowledge of the current changing global business world. 


Debbie McDowell, CTL

As a senior manager with over 25 years of experience for a Port-driven Supply Chain Management company, I am frequently asked to speak to students in colleges and universities about the field of transportation and logistics. Last year the University of North Florida (UNF) asked me to speak about the value of certification from the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (ASTL) CTL program and networking through an industry association. At a reception that followed afterwards, I found myself truly inspired by the students and their excitement in gaining career prospects in Supply Chain Management and Logistics careers. This sparked an interest to investigate the ASTL CTL UNF Cohort program.

In my own career I have continued education and gained tremendous knowledge with hands-on experience. Talking with the students in the ASTL's CTL programs, I realized that the topics of their discussions were different from my past education in transportation and logistics. I decided to put into practice my speech to the students about the value of life-long learning and enrolled in ASTL's CTL UNF Cohort program.

I am proud to say that I graduated from the CTL program last year and can truly say it was a fantastic experience. I learned a tremendous amount of valuable information from the instructors and other participants in the program. Their perspectives on the relevant issues in today's market challenged my own, and being able to discuss these issues in class was a great educational experience for me. As Director of Business Development and Customer Service for my company, a reminder of how the industry is viewed today and what motivates and drives industry professionals in the current economic market was worth every minute spent in the program. The information taught within the CTL program is invaluable and I highly recommend the program to anyone who desires to be successful within the transportation and logistics field within our ever-changing global economy. 


Arauna Palm, CTL

I wholeheartedly recommend this program. CTL certification prepares managers for the new era of globalization which has suddenly enveloped us. Most college courses do not include Supply Chain Management in their financial, engineering, or MBA curricula. In my veiw, supply chain strategy will be the distinguishing factor of the successful future manager.

I further recommend the American Society of Transportation's CTL certification to people working in the logistics industry, because most logisitics managers specialize in only one component of the supply chain, such as transportation or warehousing. The well-rounded modern manager needs to understand and possess competencies related to the entire supply chain. I thoroughly enjoyed the University of North Florida's Division of Continuing Education CTL Cohort program with its animated class discussions and steep learning curve. 


Todd Simpson, CTL

As a former auditor with Ernst and Young, I entered into the logistics industry with minimal knowledge of how a logistic business operates. In my new position with Spectrum Logistics, Divisional Controller, I remember going to my first meeting and hearing terms like RORO, NVOCC, Custom House Brokerage, and backhauls... not grasping the understanding of what was being discussed.

I was given the opportunity to take the ASTL CTL logistics training course at the University of North Florida and quickly signed up! By taking this program I was quickly able to learn the logistics lingo and didn't have to ask "what does NVOCC" stand for - now I recognized that it referred to non vessel operating common carrier. The course also made me more aware of the how logistics and the overall supply chain plays an important role in the future of both domestic and international business. As a result of taking the course, I have become a more valuable resource to Spectrum Logistics and its senior leadership team. I am viewed as part of the operational team, not just the finance guy. This course allowed me to integrate into the logistics field with a viable and useful knowledge of the industry.


Sid Sutphin, CTL

Upon earning my CTL credential, I informed my direct supervisor and the following day, the CEO of our company, Landstar System, Inc., congratulated me on my accomplishment. The following week a vice president from another department offered his congratulations and asked for further details because he is interested in sending some of his staff through the CTL program. Even though logistics software has been my focus for almost 16 years, I felt my business knowledge lacked, especially about International supply chain. The CTL helped me solidify my current understanding, and fill in many gaps.