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Language Classes

Learn a language for the fun of it!

sign saying se habla espanol

Spanish Language

In these highly interactive courses, you'll learn basic conversational skills through a variety of reading, writing and speaking exercises. Class participation includes role-playing with dialogue in a fun environment.

eiffel tower in paris

French Language

These conversationally-focused French classes will cover introductions, polite conversational structures, how to present yourself to a French-speaking person, how to ask and answer basic conversation-starters, and more.

yellow desk with office supplies

Italian Language

Develop basic communication skills in Italian by engaging in a variety of interactive tasks, such as oral and written exercises, readings, language games and easy conversations.

German book

German Language

Guten Tag! If you are planning a trip to a German-speaking country, this course is for you. We'll focus on speaking and comprehending while learning German grammar in a clear and concise format.

hands making a heart

Sign Language

American Sign Language has grown enormously in popularity and is now accepted in Florida as a foreign language in high schools and university settings. It is an incredibly beautiful and moving language.