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Featured Course - The Professor's One-Minute Guide to Stock Management



With self-reported savings and earnings of thousands using the Professor's Methodology, it's easy to see why The Professor's One-Minute Guide to Stock Management.  Henry "Hank" Swiencinksi, designed the class to take the mystery out of trading the markets and money management. He encourages students to take control of their own investments. 


"It's not enought to make money; you need to know how to keep it," Swiencinski advised to his students.  In this course, you will learn how to utilize basic investing tools, as well as how to select and monitor stocks. According to Swiencinksi, a key to stock management is spotting indicators for knowing when to stay or when to sell. These indicators are available online at no cost and allow you to manage your own money with a very simple methodology. Once you understand what to look for, you should spend one minute each day to monitor a portfolio. While some basic understanding of the stock market is recommended, those with the most elementary knowledge can also grasp the concept.


Why pay $299 or $599? At only $149, you'll not only learn the the Professor's Methodology, you'll also receive a 150-page reference manual, "The Professor's One-Minute Guide  to Stock Management." The manual covers everything discuss in the six-hour class, and even expands on the methodology. Charts, glossary of terms and PowerPoint slides used in class are also provided. 


The last class of 2016 takes place on Nov. 14-16 (M, T, W), from  6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  


Get to know Your Instructor


Hank SwiencinskiHank Swiencinksi began teaching the The Professor's One-Minute Guide to Stock Management in 2009 after a UNF administrator invited him to teach the course after hearing his presentation at a local country club group. Since then, he's shared his stock management methods and tips with thousands of people who have lost money, wanting to learn how to manage the stock marketing, or are wanting to increase their portfolio. 

What do you enjoy about teaching?

When I was working for the Navy, I had a chance to attend an Executive Program at the Darden Business School of the University of Virginia. As part of the program, I had to take several tests that were evaluated by a Professor of Psychology. One of the things he told me was that at some point in my career, after I finished working for the Navy, I should try teaching at a major college or University. He said I would love it! I always remembered those words. I finally got my chance in 2009, after the stock market crashed. 

I was so depressed from hearing my friends talk about how much money they lost, that I decided to do something about it. I called the Club Manager at Jacksonville Golf & CC where I live and told him that I wanted to do a seminar for the members. It was March 2009 and the Dow was trading near 6,750. I stood before a group of dejected members and told them that the Dow would soon be trading above 10,000 and gave them my reasons which were based in simple technical analysis.

One of the ladies in the group was so impressed that she called Valerie Murphy the next day, and two weeks later I was teaching my first class at UNF. The rest is history. Today, The Professor’s One Minute Guide to Stock Management has become one of the most popular courses at the University of North Florida. It has led to a web site with over 300 subscribers, a popular book, several webinars and a partnership with AIQ Systems, the largest developer of trading software in the world. The methods I teach have enabled thousands of students to understand and trade financial markets, without having to rely on the services of a broker of financial advisor. The feedback I receive from my students, both in class and from the many emails and letters, is what I enjoy most about teaching. 

Tell us about the most rewarding experience you've had with a student in class?

I have had many rewarding experiences as a teacher. But I probably feel the best when a student writes to thank me for helping him make or save money by following the rules of the Professor’s Methodology. Making money in the market is relatively easy once you know and follow the simple rules. But a lot of students don’t have the discipline to follow the rules and when they don’t, they get into trouble. That’s why I always like to hear from students who are making money. These are the ones that have discipline and are following the rules.

What was the best money you ever spent?

Without a doubt, the best money I ever spent was the money I spent on my education.

What advice would you give a graduating student?

I believe that the three things that impact a person’s life the most are his choice of a career, his choice in selecting a spouse, and his knowledge of money management, including the stock market. Most people do OK on the first two, but fail miserably on the last. It’s not enough to make money. You need to know how to keep it. After the market crashes in 2001-2002, and 2007-2008, we saw 401ks reduced to 201ks and then 101Ks. Our senior citizens cannot afford to let this happen to them again in another market crash. They don’t have the time to recover. That’s why I believe the methods I teach are so important. They give students the knowledge to protect themselves. A thorough understanding of these methods is the best advice I can give to any graduating student.

Tell us about your family.

Marcia and I have four children and eight grandchildren. We are an international family, as Marcia’s son Luke is married to a lady from Korean, and my son Brian’s wife is from Columbia. So as you might imagine, anytime we get together for the holidays, there is always a variety of foods to eat and multi-cultural things to talk about. We like to travel, and next January will be taking the family on a cruise to the Caribbean where all of my grandkids will be going snorkeling.

What's the best thing you ever won?

As a cub scout, I entered my pet bulldog in a competition and won the prize for the owner that looks most like his pet. I always appreciated winning the trophy, but honestly never could see the resemblance.



The Professor's One-Minute Guide to Stock Management is offered throughout the year. View the latest schedule or contact Valerie Murphy for more information.