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Based on guidance from the State University System of Florida, effective immediately the University of North Florida highly recommends, but no longer requires, masking on campus. UNF also highly encourages all students, faculty and staff to get vaccinated for COVID-19 as soon as possible.


It is the perfect time to learn a new skill! Most of the classes at UNFCE are being transitioned into instructor-led online learning opportunities. So, make the most of that time at home - learn online!

Take a Class For The Fun of It!


Language Classes

sign saying se habla espanol

Spanish Language

In these highly interactive courses, you'll learn basic conversational skills through a variety of reading, writing and speaking exercises. Class participation includes role-playing with dialogue in a fun environment.

eiffel tower in paris

French Language

These conversationally-focused French classes will cover introductions, polite conversational structures, how to present yourself to a French-speaking person, how to ask and answer basic conversation-starters, and more.

yellow desk with office supplies

Italian Language

Develop basic communication skills in Italian by engaging in a variety of interactive tasks, such as oral and written exercises, readings, language games and easy conversations.

book with German words in it

German Language

Guten Tag! If you are planning a trip to a German-speaking country, this course is for you. We'll focus on speaking and comprehending while learning German grammar in a clear and concise format.

hands making a heart

Sign Language

American Sign Language has grown enormously in popularity and is now accepted in Florida as a foreign language in high schools and university settings. It is an incredibly beautiful and moving language.

Technology Classes

person using spreadsheet

Excel 2016

Learn the skills necessary to develop workbooks from creation to editing, with formatting in between.

Money Matters

older couple on beach

Understanding Social Security & Medicare

This is an overview as to when to apply, how to maximize your benefits, clarifying Medicare, and the options available to you.

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

charcoal vase drawing

Charcoal Drawing Techniques

This course focuses on the various techniques and materials used for producing black and white drawings.