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Health and Wellness Coach Testimonials

"Wellcoaches was the natural extension of my training as Registered Nurse, Health Educator and American College of Sports Medicine Health Specialist/Fitness Instructor. The Wellcoaches certification program was a comprehensive journey in learning the principles and practice of coaching from experienced and credentialed faculty. Margaret Moore is a visionary who is taking the coaching model to its greatest heights with her partnership with Harvard and the American College of Sports Medicine and other universities and corporations around the country and abroad. I can’t say enough about the value of this training and being connected to Wellcoaches as I broaden my own scope of practice and growth as an individual. It was a privilege to facilitate a task force of nurses and other state board licensed health professionals who were licensed and certified Wellcoaches, who were now using their coaching skills in a variety of business and health care settings."

Mary Claybon RN, Med. 


"I left clinical nursing to work in medical advertising but found that something was missing. I liked using my background to create materials for pharmaceutical sales reps, clinicians, and patients, but I felt that the lifestyle changes so important for people who took those pharmaceuticals were not given enough attention. When I found Wellcoaches online in 2004, I just knew it was what I needed—ways to feed my passion for helping people live healthier lives. This year, with the help of another Wellcoaches coach, and bolstered by the confidence I gained from the Professional Coach Training, I chose to return to nursing in a way that I could integrate coaching. I was very fortunate to find a position as an RN Health Coach with Comprehensive Health Services. I am convinced that the preparation I received from Wellcoaches was critical to being hired. Finally, I am doing work that’s in alignment with what brings meaning, purpose, and yes—even improved wellness—to my life."

Beth Tansey Peller, RN