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Health and Wellness Coach Training

Overview and Schedule

Course Work

Each lesson also includes at least five hours of homework preparation (reading, listening to web audio lectures, learning partner coaching practice). Many hours of web audio recordings are provided to support the live classes, including demonstration coaching sessions exposing you to a wide variety of client scenarios and coach styles. We also provide an archive of recorded lessons from previous classes, as they each have something special to offer. Successful completion of the coach training program requires participation in all 18 teleclasses (verified by online lesson feedback surveys), practice, and study of the Coaching Psychology Manual. While we make the manual available online, we recommend that you purchase the manual as an invaluable reference.

Lesson Topics

  • Defining the Role of the Coach
  • Growth-Promoting Relationships 
  • Thriving: Being Skills and Coaching Presence
  • Expressing Compassion 
  • Celebrating Our Best 
  • Eliciting Motivation to Overcome Ambivalence 
  • Building Self-Efficacy 
  • Readiness to Change 
  • Building Dreams and Visions 
  • How Fascinating! Crafting Designs 
  • The Heart and Mind of Coaching: Generative Moments 
  • Measuring Results: The Coaching Partnership 
  • The On-Going Coaching Relationship 
  • Mechanisms of Action and Coaching Trends

Additionally, there are four sessions of facilitated coaching practice where participants will practice with peers, guided to apply the skills and behaviors learned in previous lessons. This format allows for deeper exploration of the content through discussion and applied practice in every lesson.

Course Schedule

The coach training program runs for 18 consecutive weeks, with cohorts beginning in January, March, May, July, September, and November in each calendar year.

Classes are live teleclasses (trainees call an assigned bridge-line) and run 90-minutes except for the first, which is two hours. Coach trainees select one weekly date/time and participate in the same class each week (See program times below). If you are unable to attend the class day/time for which you are registered, one teleclass lesson per week is recorded and is available by playback link for re-listening. Otherwise, please plan to attend classes on the day/time for which you registered only.


January Cohort
March Cohort
May Cohort

Mon 9am
Sun 7pm
Mon 12pm
Wed 9pm
Mon 2pm
Wed 9am
Thur 3pm
Thur 11am
Thur 8pm

July Cohort
September Cohort
November Cohort

Mon 9am
Sun 7pm
Mon 12pm
Tue 11am
Mon 2pm
Wed 3pm
Wed 4pm
Tue 8am
Wed 9pm
Thur 9am
Thur 11am

Note: All times list are EST. The selection of your preferred class day/time is part of the registration process, but does not take place until after payment and completion and submission of both the Trainee Information and Trainee Biography Forms.

For more information, contact our Customer Care Team at (904) 620-4200 or



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