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Grant Writing Certificate: Grant Writing is an Essential Resource for Many Organizations - person writing with pen on notebook. Description below content structure.

NOW ONLINE! Learn how to develop successful grant proposals that present persuasive reasoning for awarding a grant to your organization

Grant Writing Certificate

Grant writing techniques and processes are in a transitional stage. Grant writers need to stay on top of the latest trends that include more online grant applications, requirements for better-designed evaluations and new social policies that determine grant opportunities. This certificate program provides an intensive opportunity to acquire the knowledge and practice the skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive grant writing environment. Instructed by an accomplished grant writer, you’ll identify and analyze funding resources, design and manage programs, conduct research and more!


  • Face-to-face, hands-on workshop
  • 30 hours
  • Writing prompts
  • Individual and group exercises
Grant cycle: define, research, prepare, apply, award, manage, closeout

Grant Writing Certificate: Grant writing is an essential resource for many organizations.


  • Improved use of staff time in the grant writing process
  • Produce high-quality grant proposals
  • More grant monies awarded
  • Improved writing skills


  • Staff and officials new to grant writing who require a basic understanding of the process
  • Individuals currently working on a grant-writing project and facing specific grant writing problems and issues
  • Successful practitioners in the field who are seeking specialized information and advanced insight into grant project development

* A laptop computer and familiarity with the personal computer environment are required as prerequisites for this program.


magnifying glass Overview
  • Personality Style
  • Grant Trends
  • Abstract Development
  • Proposal Preplanning
  • Funding Sources
  • Foundations
  • Government Grants
  • Grant Writing Systems
  • Elements of a Proposal
  • Collaboration Models
  • Needs Assessment Resources
ink nib Writing
  • Writing Prompts
  • Writing Instruction
  • Proposal Review
  • Scoring
  • Persuasive Arguments
  • Individual Writing
notepad and pencil Writing (cont.)
  • Organizational Capability Writing Prompts
  • Biography Writing Prompts
  • Program Description Writing Prompts
  • Budget Construction
  • Tools/Techniques for Writing and Presenting
  • Copy Editing and Proofreading Techniques
chain link Resources
  • Basic Research Techniques
  • Copyright and Ethics
  • Site Reviews
  • Government and Foundation Grants
  • Competitors
  • Collaborators
  • Newsletters
  • Grant Monitoring System
three gears turning Development
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Consulting Practice
  • Board Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Special Events
  • Volunteer Management
  • Grants Management
  • Fundraising
  • Organizational Development Plan for Small Nonprofit
  • Annual Fundraising Plan for Established Nonprofit
  • Consulting Proposal