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VIP Advantage Program - see below for description

Providing Learning Opportunities that Enhance Workforce Productivity and Personal Health.

VIP Advantage Program

The Corporate VIP Advantage Partner program allows corporations, who collaborate with the University of North Florida, Division of Continuing Education (DCE) to offer a variety of quality professional development and personal enrichment classes to their employees at a discounted rate. Collaborating with DCE expands a company’s ability to provide learning opportunities for their employees that enhance workforce productivity and personal health. This program is an exceptional addition to a partner’s employee benefit plan. Additionally, Corporate VIP Advantage Partners (CVAP) are recognized on the UNF webpage and social media platforms; receive invitations to special UNF events; and, receive articles and updates on the state of workforce development, nationally and regionally.

Page Banner: Group of happy employees stacking their hands. Access to 30 professional development certificates, test prep and over 200 personal enrichment classes.


  • Employees receive a 10% discount on each enrollment (some courses exempt)
  • Employees receive UNF Continuing Education Units (CEU) Certificates upon successful completion of a professional development course of study
  • Employees who register as a group of five or more for one class receive an additional 5% discount
  • Employees who participate will take pride in the organization and possess the skills necessary to impact on-going company success
  • Company receives a summary of all employee enrollments by number of classes in January and June
  • Company is featured on the UNF DCE webpage and highlighted for a month thru social media
  • Company receives invitations to special events, including a yearly leaders workforce development focus group session to direct the creation of needed professional development
  • Company can publicize their partnership with UNF on their marketing platforms
  • Company discount of 10 to 18 % for onsite professional development classes


  • Employees register for classes using their company email
  • DCE works with company to recruit employees and collaborates to offer education days/information sessions at the company site
  • DCE provides flyers or catalogs for electronic and on-site distribution
  • DCE prepares, for company an email each term to market classes to employees
  • DCE and the company develops an efficient way for employees to access information on courses
  • Company allows UNF to use its logo on its webpage and in appropriate social media posts
  • Company promotes DCE programs on employee benefits pages and other appropriate employee communication methods
  • Company and its employees provide testimonials regarding the effectiveness of classes and CVAP benefits

For More Information:

Edythe M. Abdullah, JD
Dean, Division of Continuing Education