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Customized Corporate Learning Solutions: Are you winning the war on talent? and people looking up at the camera

Develop and Retain Your High-Potential Employees With Customized Corporate Learning Solutions

Business Advancement Solutions for YOU!

Winning the war on talent requires an intentional focus on talent development. Make your organization more competitive and profitable with customized learning solutions specifically designed to target your needs and achieve your company’s objectives.

Customized talent development

A company's greatest asset in a highly competitive business world is having skilled and productive employees. Advancing employee and organizational performance in today’s global marketplace requires an aggressive pursuit of excellence and innovation. If you want to:

  • increase employee productivity;
  • maximize the potential of your star performers;
  • eliminate waste and increase your bottom line; and
  • be ready for the exponential changes in the workplace to enhance corporate outcomes.

We can help with that!

The University of North Florida, Division of Continuing Education can assist your organization, association, civic or governmental agency in achieving a competitive edge by providing customized learning solutions to meet the demands of your industry or business sector. Collaboration is a key part of our culture. Our program developers will collaborate with your leadership team to identify the best talent development solution for your employees. The result  a customized program, that meets the needs of your workforce, the requirements of your organization and helps you win the war on talent.

How it works:

We listen to you to understand your skill gaps, employee development goals, unique workforce needs and corporate performance requirements. Our team of skilled developers and subject matter experts collaborate with you to develop your company’s unique learning solution. We deliver the tailored training program to your organization – where you want it, when you want it and how you want it. Together we can determine the ROI (return on investment) or develop an effectiveness evaluation summary to identify the workplace impact(s).

Our professional learning solution areas:

  • Leadership – new and high potential employees
  • New managers and Supervisors
  • Power skills
  • Project management
  • Quality and process Improvement
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Power skills
  • Executive coaching
  • Financial planning
  • Executive coach
  • And more…

Many courses can be offered in face-to-face or online formats.


UNF, Division of Continuing Education will collaborate with you to create and implement a unique professional development that is exclusively for your organization and the employees charged with implementing corporate goals and aspirations. We can help you prepare for the workplace of the future and win the war on talent. Call us today at 904-620-4200 or email Edythe Abdullah.