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Group of male employees pointing fingers at a disenfranchised woman. Headline description located below in Who Should Attend section.

Conflict will occur. Learning how to resolve it in a healthy way, and not just ignoring it, is the key.


Conflict is inevitable, we've all had them and probably will have them in the future. This two day conflict resolution training program will teach you or help you teach others all they need to more confidently deal with workplace conflict situations. From what is a conflict to how conflict situations can have positive outcomes, you will learn and practice a conflict resolution process to successfully handle workplace conflict outlining common tactics, counter tactics and games used in conflict resolutions.


    By the end of this training course, you will be able to:
  • Develop strategies for dealing with conflict
  • Learn and practice a simple conflict resolution process
  • Find out the potential benefits of conflict when handled properly
  • Become more confident in handling common workplace conflict situations
  • Be aware of the different styles, strategies and outcomes of conflict
  • Recognize the potential benefits and disadvantage of third party interventions (Mediation & Arbitration)
Five Conflict Management Styles include competing, collaborating, accommodating, avoiding and compromising  


  • Self-discovery and critique
  • Group exploration and facilitator led discussions
  • Game based learning
  • Practical exercises
  • Best practice theory exploration


  • Business professionals who wish to enhance their communication and conflict resolution skills

Conflict Resolution: When handled in a positive way, conflict can strengthen a working relationship. Available for Corporate or Group Enrollment Only.


conflicts Module 1
OneConflict Resolution Primer
  • Is conflict good or bad?
  • Potential benefits of conflict
  • Cost of conflict
  • Defining workplace conflict
outcome Module 2
TwoConflict Anatomy
  • Possible conflict outcomes
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Conflict resolution styles
  • Conflict analysis worksheet
negotiation MODULE 3
ThreeThe Conflict Resolution Process
  • The resolution process to follow
  • Bridging and using the right language
  • Principled negotiation
tactics MODULE 4
FourGames & Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict resolution games
  • Types of games people play in conflict resolution
  • Counter tactics and dealing with games
  • Costs associated with unresolved conflict
arbitrate MODULE 5
Five Mediation & Arbitration
  • The mediation process
  • What is arbitration?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of arbitration
reviewing Module 6
Six Competitive Review Game