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Certified project management skills are now required by many employers and preferred by most.





"Wow! What a valuable experience! This course has provided so much insight on how to improve within my current role and what to look forward to as I move closer to the PMP."

— Ali Brin, 2019 graduate


"Very well structured, planned; excellent delivery and real-world experience. Helpful added hours to receive application review. Kept some dry material from being boring. Many thanks – well done!"

— 2019 graduate


"It has been an intense 7 weeks, but well worth the investment. Mrs. Daniels was excellent! I look forward to the CAPM."

— Steve Mines, 2019 graduate


"The abundance of course materials all provided digitally made it easy to access from anywhere. Great material but would be nothing without the instructor. Top notch, Mrs. Daniels!"

— Shannon Lyvers, 2019 graduate


"This course was excellent and the instructor very knowledgeable. If there is another course that Susan teaches, I would take it. I learned so much, not only because I was interested in the material, but because she was engaging and invested. She cared about us understanding the material and about our success after the class."

— 2018 graduate


"I truly enjoyed this course! The class was fun and very organized. Our instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful."

— 2018 graduate


"I enjoyed the course and found a great deal of value in the material. Mrs. Daniels did a great job teaching. I have recommended a number of my employees take this course."

— Jeremy Johnston, 2018 graduate


"Professor Susan is awesome! Overall, a great experience and looking forward to study and ace PMP exam!"

— Saramad Sufi, 2018 graduate


"A great overview of the Project Management profession! Instructor was knowledgeable, professional, and entertaining. As a full-time working mom of two, the schedule and work load was challenging, but manageable. Very glad I was able to attend this class."

— Andrea Creasy, 2018 graduate


"Susan has a lot of experience in corporate America and it makes it clear to understand. She has excellent communication skills and projects a positive learning experience. I can honestly say that I gained skills in the project management field."

— Fredy Galo, 2017 graduate


"I could really tell that Susan works in the PM industry as she used real life examples to help explain the context of our materials. Susan was quick to respond to emails on homework assignments. This was a very enjoyable class. I learned a lot and have been able to apply to my current position."

— Nicole Johnson, 2017 graduate


"The professor’s real-life examples and sensible engagement helped out in understanding the material and subject matter."

— Maykol Ramirez, 2017 graduate