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Learn how to develop successful grant proposals that present persuasive reasoning for awarding a grant to your organization





"Excellent instructor! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and can share experiences. Would recommend Jack as a consultant, trainer, and instructor!"

— Janice Gendreau, 2019 graduate


"Very informative and useful info. I gained much insight that will be useful going forward. Jack was very organized in his presentation of the material! I will recommend this class to others."

— Susan Stewart, 2019 graduate


"Very informative, thorough, and never boring! FUN! I feel well-prepared to tackle grants."

— Kristi Stratton, 2019 graduate


"I have a clear understanding of the process and deliverables. The best part of the class is that I came with no project in particular and I leave with a two-year fully-funded project that will benefit the Ish Brandt Beautification Committee of the City of Neptune Beach, FL. Thank you so much!"

— Magelda Arnold, 2019 graduate


"This course is for anyone in the field of grant proposal writing or project management. I learned so much I can apply to my current work as well as an action plan for my future projects."

— Johanna Bienvenue, 2019 graduate


“I came with one purpose in mind and left with ideas that I hadn’t considered!”

— Krista Branham, 2019 graduate


“I learned about the grant writing process as well as business and consultant work. These skills will be useful for immediate and future use. Thank you for a great course!”

— Dana Deal, 2019 graduate


“Instructor was instantly relevant, relatable, and provided excellent instruction. The material was well-organized and contained more than the course advertised. Great class. Great experience. Great value for the money.”

— Mark Elkins, 2019 graduate


“Great course! Exceeded my expectations and covered much more than just the grant writing function.”

— William B. Ramirez, 2019 graduate


“This course was well worth the money. Jack did an excellent job of including all levels of experience.”

— Anonymous, 2019 graduate