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Certified Financial Planner™ Certificate Program


Course Details

About the CFP® Certification Program

The Program curriculum delivers information about areas critical to financial planning for both beginning and established practitioners. It consists of six required courses and one Capstone review course that delivers information about areas in financial planning for both beginning and established practitioners. Course includes:

  • General Principles
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Capstone

UNF does not certify individuals to use the CFP® or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ marks. CFP® certification is granted solely by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. to individuals who, in addition to completing an educational requirement such as this CFP Board-Registered Program, have met ethics, experience and examination requirements.


Course Format 

Each course with the exception of the Capstone, meets for four weekends.

Week 1: Friday, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Week 2: Friday, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Week 3: Saturday only, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Week 4: Saturday only, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

Attendance Policy: Attendance of each class is mandatory. Regular and punctual attendance is an important aspect to the success in the UNF Certified Financial Planner™ Certificate Program. This is an accelerated program that requires full attendance for every class. In the event there is a need for a pre-arranged absence from class, you must notify UNF and the instructor with as much prior notice as possible. In the event you are sick and cannot attend, it is your responsibility to notify UNF and the instructor prior to the start of class. Prior approval is necessary for circumstances when a pre-arranged absence requires additional make-up sessions. Excessive absenteeism may not permit students to maintain their responsibilities for a successful program and may result in having to make up the missed module before the next cohort. There is a $25 fee for each make up lesson (not class).


ONLINE - Click the Register button below and then choose the course in which you wish to enroll.

CALL us at (904) 620-4200. Please have your credit card number and expiration date handy.

MAIL the completed registration form and payment to Continuing Education, University of North Florida, 12000 Alumni Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32224-2678.

E-MAIL your registration information to You will receive a response confirming registration.

HAND DELIVER your registration form to a staff member in our office at the University Center, Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 p.m.


Each course fee is $849 and includes textbooks and course materials.

Regular Individual Course Registration Fee 
Students may register for individual courses. Each course cost $849, which includes your registration fee, textbooks, and workbooks. Course fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. 

Regular Series Registration Fee
Students who register and make payment for all seven courses upfront will receive a $300 discount on the Capstone (FP700) course.

UNF Alumni/FPA Member* Registration Fee 
UNF Alumni and FPA members receive a $350 discount on the Capstone (FP700) course when they register and make payment for all seven courses up front.

Organization/Company Group Series Registration Fee
Organizations who wish to register and make payment for three or more employees for all seven courses at the same time and on the same date will receive the Capstone course free of charge per registered employee. Please contact the Program Director.

*For more information on becoming an FPA member, please visit

Audit Course Registration

$500 per course To audit a course from UNF's Certified Financial Planner™ Certificate Program, you must provide proof of prior course work by sending transcripts to UNF Continuing Education. Upon completion of an audited course, UNF will not award a grade or certificate. The purpose of auditing a course is to obtain knowledge to better prepare in a specific area.


All courses are graded and you must earn a minimum of 70% in each course to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination and receive the UNF Certificate of Completion in Financial Planning.


Withdrawal UNF reserves the right to limit class size or to cancel courses because of insufficient enrollment. If the University cancels a course, students will be entitled to a full refund or may switch into another class if they desire. To officially withdraw from class, a letter of withdrawal must be submitted to the Program Director. Ceasing to attend classes or notifying an instructor of withdrawal does not constitute "official" withdrawal.

Refunds When dropping a course, cancellation/refund requests must be made in writing to the Continuing Education office no later than five business days prior to beginning of the course. The request must include the company FEID number or attendee's social security number. An administrative fee of 10% of total registration fees will be deducted. If you do not attend the program and do not submit a refund request, the University will retain all fees.

No refunds will be given after the start of each course. UNF Division of Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel any class if it does not meet minimum enrollment 3 business days prior to beginning of class. If a class needs to be cancelled, we will make every attempt to notify the student by email or phone call based on information provided to our office. If you want to check on a course you can call (904) 620-4200 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for confirmation.

Transfer Transfer students from another CFP Board Registered Program into the UNF program is possible. Requests must be made in writing to the Program Director. Only students who take all seven courses at UNF will receive the UNF Certificate of Completion. However, an official transcript of the courses taken at UNF will be provided.