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Animal Assisted Interventions Certificate: The Human-Animal Connection Can Help Patients Feel Comfortable in Therapy and Lead to Healing - woman nuzzling a horse

Animal Assisted Interventions is a beneficial way for you to explore the animal assisted activities designed for young children at school, older adults in assisted-living, veterans recovering from PTSD, and more.

Animal Assisted INTERVENTIONS Certificate

This 3-course certificate program provides specialized training and supervised practice in the discipline of Animal Assisted Interventions that includes Animal Assisted Activities, Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Education. The curriculum is aligned with the Animal Assisted Intervention International Standards of Practice (Winkle, Dickson & Simpson, 2019).


  • Mix of distance learning, hybrid, and multi-day intensives
  • Community-based site visit
  • 135 clock hours / 13.5 CEUs



girl in hospital gown cuddling a golden retriever


  • Specializes and enhances your current degree and/or profession
  • Exemplifies your credibility as a volunteer or assist you in developing an animal assisted intervention program
  • Provides specialized training in Animal Assisted Interventions 
    • Ethics of practice
    • Animal & human welfare
    • Evidence-based foundations of practice
    • Specialized populations and animal species applications
    • Benefits of the human-animal bond in healthcare
    • Experiential learning through practice
    • Supervised AAT-C practice in courses 102 and 103
    • ACA recommended competencies for ethical practice of AAT-C


  • Anyone engaged in an AAI discipline without prior formal training and/or anyone who is interested in engaging in an AAI discipline in the future
  • Educators
  • Mental health professionals, including psychologists, counselors, and therapists
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Social Workers
  • Life & Professional Coaches