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Joint Chets Creek Church and University of North Florida School of Computing Mission to Haiti

On 4 May five UNF computer science students and one faculty member left the US to visit the Christian Light School (CLS) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The vision was to replace an existing computer lab with new, modern laptop computers loaded with a large number of educational applications in support of CLS's mission in teaching pre-K through grade 13 students.


group smiling

(left to right)Spence Southard, Brittany Dinneen, Adrienne Gotwalt, Dr. Bob Roggio, Dishi Shrivastava, and Aaron Wagner


For several months prior to this departure the UNF students had designed and implemented a computer-based application to support a wide variety of subjects taught at the CLS. Applications were divided into Kids, Teens, and Teacher categories. Kids ranged from pre-K through grade 6; Teens ranged from grade 7 through grade 12, and Teachers included Microsoft Office 2013, applications on computers, and the many applications regarding the Kids and Teens.


For Kids, major topics included: art, alphabet, numbers, phonics, and rhymes, health and safety, reading and writing, storybooks, math, English, science, and computer applications.


For Teens, major topics included math, science, and general knowledge such as algebra, geometry, probability, botany, anatomy, chemistry, and physics, and considerable general knowledge such as geology, history, biology, and more.


The Teachers category has instructional modules on Word, Excel, Power Point, and Activity Sheets (composite of what is found in the individual Kids and Teens categories.)


kids in class


Teaching teachers was a major thrust of our efforts, and thus introduction and exercises in Microsoft Office Word and Excel were very important. Teaching specific classes of students to familiarize them with the capabilities of these machines was also undertaken by the team.


I am delighted to relay that the team of five students performed nothing short of fantastically. Bright, energetic, and dedicated to installing and enhancing what was ultimately built here and installed and delivered in Haiti, this team of young men and woman are to be commended for their fine, professional work. They represented UNF so very well! I suspect it was a life changing experience as several had not left the shores of this country. Their efforts will have a long-lasting impact on the students at Christian Light School.


Financially, the Roggio/Burgess Life Group within Chets Creek Church raised about an equal dollar amount as the two offices at UNF. UNF funds paid for student travel, accommodations, prescriptions and passports as well as travel / safety insurance; Chet's funds paid for fourteen computers and a host of peripherals such as speakers, and lab support (chairs, projectors, fans, and more. UNF was able to secure Microsoft Office 2013 via a not-for-profit effort spearheaded by tech support personal within the School of Computing at UNF.


This shows what can be done when a great church with a world-wide mission couples resources with an outstanding public university for the good of others! Nice partnership!!


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