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UNF Osprey Racing team visits Daytona Speedway

Many thanks to WWGay who provided tickets to the Osprey Student Race Team to tour the Daytona Speedway on Sunday, February 15.


Thumbs up to Joshua D. Meyers a UNF Alumnus of our Sports Management program and an employee at Daytona who organized the behind the scenes Garage Tour.


Double thumbs up to Don White, IAM Racing, Inc., who organized the entire day's activities and connected with personal racing crew chiefs to make the day interesting and exciting. Among many highlights during the day was a meet-and-greet with Richard Buck, Managing Director of NASCAR, who took the group to one of the racecar check points and described the high-level diagnostic equipment used to check each vehicle before racing.


It was an incredible day, great opportunity to learn and see first-hand how engineering has become a critical component to the success of NASCAR competitions.


outside daytona meeting at daytona man holding a clipboard