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Transferring to UNF School of Engineering

 If you are considering transferring to UNF from another institution (State College or University) there are a number of things to consider that will greatly affect your ability to transition smoothly. All engineering degrees have very specific curricula and course schedules that require special attention when you are trying to enter a program midstream. It is important to have a plan, stay informed of the requirements, and transfer at the right time, with the right courses. This page should help you with that process.

Choose Your Major

Choosing a major you are interested in is the first step toward a successful career. UNF offers undergraduate degrees in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Advanced Manufacturing (AM starts fall 2021) Engineering. While these majors share many of the same foundations in math and science, they cover vastly different subject matter and present varied career opportunities. Please be considerate of your career ambitions and academic subject preferences & abilities as you visit the program page for each of the majors to explore your options:

Prerequisites you can take at your current Florida public university/college before transferring to UNF

If you plan to transfer to UNF before earning an A.A. degree, you should take as many of UNF’s Gen Ed and Engineering prerequisite courses as possible. If you plan to transfer after earning your A.A. degree, then you may focus on incorporating as many of the UNF Engineering program courses in your A.A. coursework. 

 Recommended prerequisite courses as part of your A.A. before transferring to UNF and Milestones quick guide.

Prerequisites for Engineering

  • CHM2045/L--General Chemistry I w/Lab**
  • MAC2311--Calculus I
  • MAC 2312--Calculus II
  • MAC2313--Calculus III
  • MAP 2302--Differential Equations
  • COP 2220--Programming I***
  • PHY 2048/L--Calculus Physics I w/Lab
  • PHY 2049/L--Calculus Physics II w/Lab
  • ENG 3311--Statics*
  • Additional Natural Science Course***

**CHM2045L & EGN 3311 not needed for EE

***COP 2220 not needed for CE

****See CE advisors for course options

Block Schedules and Curriculum Maps

Engineering courses are progressively complex, relying on a carefully designed sequence of courses which must be taken in the proper order. Since many courses have multiple prerequisites, it is helpful to use a curriculum map to understand the path to graduation. The school of engineering is currently building sample curriculum maps for students who transfer at the start of their third traditional year (junior year) based on a four year graduation. Transfer Curriculum Maps for each major will be provided below in the near future. The curriculum map is an aid, and not to be used in lieu of academic advising. Transfer students are often at high risk of missing specific requirements, and should always refer to their plan of study worksheet.


We look forward to welcoming you to UNF and the UNF School of Engineering! Swoop!