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Student Information


Thank you for registering for a distance learning course through the College of Computing, Engineering & Construction. Here you will find all of the basic information you will need to begin your course, including:

  • Minimum system requirements necessary to view CCEC lectures
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to view video lectures
  • Student responsibilities
  • Tips to help distance learning students succeed

Minimum System Requirements

  • High-speed Internet service
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 5 GB of free hard drive space

Class lectures are recorded in a high quality H.264 (mpeg-4) format, and will easily play in your browser window, eliminating the need to download special players or software. Videos are fully compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows, as well as Android and i-OS devices.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Check the requirements. Before enrolling in a distance learning course, make sure you have met all academic prerequisites, and your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
  2. View video lectures in a timely manner. The video lectures are critical to your success in a Distance Learning course, and your primary source of class content. Lectures may also include important announcements and homework assignments that may be missed if the lectures are not viewed regularly. Your instructor will assume you are keeping up with the rest of the class.
  3. Complete assignments on time. You will be expected to complete and deliver all assignments and homework on time, as specified by the instructor.
  4. Check email and Canvas daily. Your UNF email is your primary source for information and notification of changes in the course schedule. In addition, your instructor may use Canvas for class announcements and homework assignments.
  5. Follow policies. Like all other students, distance learning students must adhere to all UNF policies, including the Student Conduct Code and the Academic Integrity Code. Details may be found in the UNF Student Handbook.

Tips for Online Students


Before enrolling in a Distance Learning (DL) course, make sure you have everything required for the class-high-speed Internet, minimum computer requirements, printer, textbook, and any other supplemental materials listed in the course syllabus.

Time Management

DL students must fulfill the same requirements on the same schedule as the in-class students. Therefore, you'll need to dedicate several hours per week for study. Determine what days and times are best for you and commit to a regular study schedule.


DL students should check their UNF-issued email account daily for important notifications. If Canvas is used in the course, check the Canvas site for announcements, assignments and other postings. Pay close attention to the instructions and make sure you understand what is being asked. If the instruction is not clear, ask questions. When communicating via email, always use correct grammar, organization and proper style.


Know and use the available resources:


Know who to contact for support:

  • Contact your instructor or advisor for course-related questions (view UNF directory)
  • Contact UNF's Information and Technology Services (ITS)for technical issues
  • Contact Elaine Poppell, Sr. Broadcast Technologist or the CCEC Distance Leaning Staff for distance learning questions at (904) 620-1876 or