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Faculty Information

Thank you for choosing CCEC Distance Learning to deliver your course. Here you will find helpful information to create a positive distance learning experience.

Instructional Guidelines

Although every effort has been made to accommodate various teaching methods, some distance learning strategies require special considerations. Here are some important guidelines:

Font Size

When using the computer, make sure the smallest font size is at least 20 points. When using other web applications, you can usually adjust the font size by selecting the 'VIEW' menu, and increasing the text size. Smaller fonts will be unreadable in the recorded lecture. The DL staff will be happy to assist you in adjusting your PowerPoint slides to the appropriate font size.


This is a 20 point font:


screenshot of what 20 pixels looks like on a powerpoint - it looks kinda small

Special Software

If special software is required, ensure that all students have access to it. If you would like to incorporate special software into your course instruction, arrangements must be made in advance with the technical staff for installation and operational testing.

Copyrighted Media

The use of copyrighted works (such as videos, music, or other creative works) is only allowable IF certain conditions are met. The TEACH Act contains guidelines which may qualify for "Fair Use" of copyrighted materials. For details, read the UNF General Counsel FAQs.


Assignments to distance learning students must be fair and reasonable, giving due consideration to venue and resources available.


There are 3 methods to administer exams to distance learning students:

  1. On campus with the in-class section, or proctored separately
  2. Off campus proctor (special conditions apply)
  3. Web-based course tool (Canvas)

The testing method will be determined by the instructor.


If you cancel a class, please contact the Distance Learning (DL) staff via telephone or email. In addition, if you schedule a guest to speak during your class, please notify the DL staff so that technical arrangements can be made.

CCEC Resources

Classroom Technology

The CCEC Video Production classroom is equipped with a variety of resources for instructor use...

  • whiteboard
  • overhead document camera
  • computer (for PowerPoint, Excel, and other office applications)


The CCEC Distance Learning staff provides administrative and technical support for distance learning.