Distance Learning Courses

Courses for Fall 2017

MAN 4720:  Strategic Management and Business Policy

Instructor:  Dr. Steven Williamson

Description:  This course demonstrates an analysis of how functions such as sales, finance, procurement, distribution and personnel are correlated to form an integrated business policy and how corporate strategy is formulated, implemented and evaluated.  This course is taken in a student's final term at UNF.

Prerequisites:  MAR 3023 or equivalent, FIN 3403 or equivalent, and MAN 3025 or equivalent, and at least a 2.0 GPA

MAN 6726:  Advanced Strategic Management
Instructor:  Dr. Steven Williamson
Description:  Advanced Strategic Management (ASM) is the Capstone course of the MBA program.  This course requires the student to assimilate and integrate the knowledge acquired from the functional disciplines through application utilizing a strategic framework.  Further, students utilize various models and theories of firm structure and performance to understand how to evaluate, allocate and deploy the various resources that an enterprise controls in order to develop and achieve integrated strategic objectives.

Prerequisites:  Students must be in their last semester of graduate work, have an overall graduate GPA of 3.0 or better on their degree evaluation courses and have attained permission to register from a graduate advisor.





CES 3100:  Analysis of Structures
Instructor:  Dr. Eileen Pesantes-Tavares
Description:  This course will investigate types of loads, truss analysis, shear and bending moment diagrams, influence lines and design envelopes.  In addition, deformation of beams, frames and trusses are covered.  The course also includes an introduction to the analysis of indeterminate structures using consistent deformation, slope deflection, and moment distribution methods.  Computer and matrix methods are briefly introduced and discussed.

Prerequisites:  CES 3104C 




 CEG 4101:  Analysis Design of Foundations
Instructor:  Dr. Nick Hudyma

Description:This course provides comprehensive coverage of the principles for geotechnical analysis and design of shallow and deep foundation systems.  Course topics include geotechnical site characterization, bearing capacity, settlement, group effects and lateral load capacity of the various foundation systems.


Prerequisites:  CEG 3011C