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Study Abroad With Construction Managment

Eiffel Tower

The Construction Management Department is unique in championing international construction through study abroad classes and transformational learning opportunities. These international experiences prepare students for entry into the global economy. Close cooperation and strong ties with universities and industry partners in Canada, Dubai, Egypt, Spain, and France enhance the students' knowledge of the international construction market. The program pursues opportunities to expand the study abroad program and is trying to expand to both China and Argentina. The inclusion of these global relationships will provide the foundation for a future Construction Management Master's degree in international construction.


Proposed France 2016 Summer B
Spain 2015 Santander
Spain 2014 Santander
Spain 2013 Santander
Italy / UK 2013 Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, and London
Brazil 2012 Rio de Janeiro
France 2011 Paris and Nantes

For additional Study Abroad resources, please visit the International Center Study Abroad Resources page.