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Night Cohort Program

The Construction Management (CM) Department at the University of North Florida (UNF) has developed a night class schedule or "Cohort." This Cohort will allow construction students to graduate from our program while attending classes exclusively at night. Starting summer 2012, the CM program will be offering a minimum of 3 classes (9 credit hours) per term. These classes will all start after 4:00 pm. Classes will be offered according to a rotating schedule based on a two year student graduation plan (6 terms including summers).


Students must have completed all general education and construction program prerequisite requirements prior to entering the night schedule to ensure graduation in a timely manner.


Transfer students must have a minimum of an AA degree from a Florida State school. Lower-level BCN classes can be taken at UNF and will be available at night in the summer term prior to the night schedule commencement.

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