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UNF ConnectFest

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 | 1 - 4 PM EST | UNF University Center


12000 Alumni Drive | Jacksonville, Florida 32224


Innovative pitches. Top Talent. Expert speakers. The connections and people you want are here.


Now, more than ever, tech startups are looking for quality talent and students are looking for quality experiences. ConnectFest is the solution to bring both communities face-to-face and plot a course for the future. Whether you are a student interested in entrepreneurship, gaining experience, or an early stage company seeking support, ConnectFest has you covered! With live pitches of innovative tech solutions, expert advice, and unparalleled networking opportunities, there’s no better place to find a better path forward. Winners of the pitch competition will be awarded 500 internship hours (over $10,000 value) with two skilled UNF students! That means no cost to the employer and a paid internship for the student!
Don’t miss this opportunity on October 13!


Top Reasons Why You Should Attend:

Source for Talent

UNF is committed to assembling top University talent to help meet your company’s needs. The winner of the pitch competition will be awarded 500 internship hours (over $10,000 value) with two skilled UNF students!

One-on-One Connections

Speak to the founders, innovators, executives and experts that are leading the NE Florida entrepreneurship ecosystem. From face-to-face meetings to panels of experts, engage with passionate, likeminded individuals through topics ranging from starting a business, to tech solutions and funding.

Something for Everyone

Our goal is to connect startups with top talent and provide UNF students with quality experiences that enhance their skills and classroom knowledge. ConnectFest utilizes a matching process allowing all startups and students to walk away with internship leads regardless of ranking in pitch competition.


Cutting Edge Innovative Solutions

Our vision is to create a hub of innovation, excellence and talent. Therefore, the University will select the 20 top companies that are driving Florida’s growth in the tech industry. Listen to cutting-edge pitches, hear expert advice, and connect with people who can help take you to the next level.





    Ready to take the next steps?



    Application Deadline: September 29, 2021  



    ConnectFest Schedule



    Questions? We're here to help!





    Companies and students will make mutual arrangements as to hiring and compensation with the understanding that there is an expectation/requirement that interns be paid for their work. 

    Who should apply?

    Any Jacksonville or Florida-based startups/entrepreneurs in areas such as fintech, app development, engineering, construction technology in the early to mid-stages of development.


    Prepare a 10 Minute Pitch

    Maintain a Booth for the Duration of the Event

    Thoroughly read FAQ's


     Apply Here  


    Students and companies will make mutual arrangements as to hiring and compensation with the understanding that there is an expectation/requirement that interns be paid for their work.

    Who should apply?

    All students with a passion for working with startup companies and a technical skillset that can aid them to bring their startup to success. There are no requirements for major, class year, or prior experience. 


    Bring plenty of resumes

    Dress Appropriately


    Apply Here


    Important Information for Companies

    • Deadline for applications is Sept. 15; you are welcome to apply early as we have a limited capacity.
    • Companies will be notified of acceptance by Sept 27.
    • Pitches must be at most 10 minutes long. If you have a slide presentation, please submit your presentation in PowerPoint form to Sean Sukys at no later than October 8. The schedule of the pitches will be posted on the web site no later than October 8.
    • Successful pitches will be concise, informative, and aimed at attracting potential students to your project. They should describe your idea, status of the venture, and the technical needs.
    • Please be prepared to staff your booth from 1-4:30pm to talk to potential interns. You may begin set up at 8am on October 13.
    • You will be in charge of hiring interns and processing hires.
    • Please be aware of Department of Labor rules regarding internships --- we strongly recommend paid internships. We also suggest you and the intern agree to a number of work hours per weeks that fits into their schedule.
    • Companies will have the opportunity for support from UNF's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Reach out to us to let us know how we can help. We will be following up with you after the event to monitor your progress.
    • Please dress appropriately for the event (business casual or formal).
    • There is no registration fee; some light food and beverage will be provided. Parking is free at the UNF University Center.

    Please be sure to follow up with us on your experience, your intern, and the success of venture. Best of luck!